24 July 2010

Stairway to Heaven

He probably has nearly as many haters as he has fans, but I think he's hot. He has the face of a major Hollywood star, but the acting skills of a turnip, so that's why he ended up in porn.


  1. Anonymous07:54

    If you like Chris check out this site

  2. Anonymous05:30

    couldn't agree with you more Will!

  3. Anonymous08:53

    I saw him bottom in a film and (so far) it's the only time I've seen him in a submissive role. I really enjoyed seeing Chris take it for a change. He got porked by two dudes and christ, did he ever make sounds! I think he was in constant 'yeoooww - it hurts' mode for the entire shoot, even when his mouth was full. Try to find it and post it here if you can Will. - Montana Cowboy (yeah, I'm a bigger fan of Chris since I saw him bottom.)

  4. a hot guy is a hot guy; he's hot.

  5. Montana Cowboy, do you mean his scene with Gunner Pierce and Richard Pierce? I know where there's a clip of that. He also bottomed in a scene with Reese Rideout and Alex Eden. I know where some stills from that scene are but don't know where there's an available clip online


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