18 July 2010

Road Trip

There's nothing better than driving aimlessly around with the man you love whilst enjoying the great outdoors and the wide-open highway. Sometimes you have to stop and rest. And sometimes those rest stops turn into something more where you renew your love.

This is a vintage photo set from a late 1970s smut magazine. They don't make vans for roadside action like this any more. I recognize both blokes but can only remember the name of the one with the beard at the moment: a young Al Parker. I'm assuming these were stills from an 8mm film that was much more explicit.


  1. Anonymous07:29

    Bob Bishop-----cutest bottom ever

  2. Anonymous08:00

    The other actor is Bob Bishop -- a former Colt model...the film is also from Colt studios if memory serves...it was / still is hot.

  3. Anonymous18:12

    oh, but that last picture with Al Parker smiling like that. Enough to make a man roll over and beg for more.

  4. Joel18:22

    Wow, very hot pictures!! I wish they did make vans like that today, I'd be wearing one of those babies out!

  5. Is this video still available anywhere? If so, what's the name of the movie? Fucking hot - especially that beautiful smile in the last pic...

  6. BOB BISHOP is Gorgeous !! Anyone know where he is and what he does today ??

  7. Anonymous17:31

    Bob Bishop was his film name. His real name was Michael Healy and he was the sweetest, most gentle sole I've ever known. He passed away several years ago.

  8. Anonymous13:18

    No, Bob's still alive and well.

  9. Anonymous13:17

    It's almost surreal to see Bob in the 1979 mainstream movie HARDCORE, starring George C. Scott. I got out my DVD copy to double check today. Yep...there he is auditioning for a porno George is pretending on casting. He's wearing a very tight Izod shirt with jeans. He hands George a copy of his 'work,' which is the Brentwood magazine featuring this coverboy for film HAYRIDE.
    Please confirm he's still alive. I'm currently obsessed by this most beautiful man.

  10. Anonymous11:07

    Oh yeah, he's alive and he's mine.

    Get outta bitch.

  11. Michael Helie is the correct name. he sure was a spunk.

  12. Yes Mike Helie is alive in California and has a facebook page too.


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