31 July 2019

A Strategy?

Donald Trump's chief enabler, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, is normally impervious to criticism and has even used it at times as a fundraising strategy. But as the New York Times reported yesterday (link here), he's become enraged that people are calling him "Moscow Mitch" for blocking new election security legislation that would thwart Russia from meddling in the 2020 election.

He's not reacting this way because his normally tough hide has suddenly become vulnerable. I'd argue it's because he realizes it's a major liability for him in 2020 as he heads into his re-election campaign. Being labeled soft on Russia is hard to defend in red state America.

So perhaps Democrats as a whole need to use this as a cudgel against other Republicans who refuse to advance election security measures. Give them a taste of Trump's nicknaming medicine a.

Imagine if people chanted "Moscow Mike" or "Kremlin Kathy" to interrupt candidates speaking. Something like that is hard to refute and shaming to boot.

Very Big Andy

The hung top here is a really big lad. He's Andy Onassis from Brazil and stands 6'6 and weighs 210 pounds. He broke into porn last year and quickly made a name for himself as a skilled performer. He's versatile and sometimes bottoms but more frequently tops.

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30 July 2019

Bosom Buddies

Vanity Fair published a well reported and very disturbing article yesterday (link here) about how the theocratic Saudi government uses kidnapping and murder to silence dissidents and critics.

That news broke around the same time as word from Russia about how Vladimir Putin's best known critic, the jailed Alexey Navalny, has been hospitalized with a suspected poisoning (details here).

Given how much Donald Trump sucks up to both the Saudi royal family and to the Russian dictator, we can expect he'll say nothing about either of these and, if asked about them, will attack the questioner and then go on to praise the brutal thug.

Both Saudi Arabia and Russia are relentlessly anti-democratic. Dissent is punished as are LGBT residents. And sometimes people are even killed. It's telling that Trump has aligned himself with people like this.

It's likely, at the heart of this, Trump owes considerable sums to both Russian and Saudi lenders, to the tune of hundreds of millions. Why else is he fighting to hide his tax returns, which could reveal this. So he'll suck up to Russia and the Saudis, no matter what they do to people and how much they work against the interest of the United States.

This is one of the many reasons why Trump must be defeated in the election that's fifteen months away.

Me, Myself, and I

This lad will never be accused of being handsome, but he has a lean, well muscled furry body. And if he has a great personality, that beats good looks every time. As usual, the source webpage provided no personal details, so who knows where he lives, how tall he is, what he weighs, or how he makes his living.

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29 July 2019

The Hypocrite

Donald Trump went back to his racist playbook this past weekend and repeatedly attacked Elijah Cummings, who happens to be African-American and also chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which has been conducting a number of investigations into the President and his circle (details here).

In one of his tirades, Trump lashed out at the Congressman for living in a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested" district.

The great irony of that is how Trump's restaurants have been repeatedly cited by health inspectors because of live rodents and live roaches found in the kitchens, alongside filthy prep areas and raw sewage seepage (details here). People who live in rodent-infested houses shouldn't throw stones.

And the President need not look far for the cause of rodents in the congressman's hometown: Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner owns thousands of substandard apartment units in the congressman's district, including those that have been repeatedly cited for rodent infestations (details here and here).

When Trump has lashed out at African-American elected officials in the past, he often uses the same sort of language about rat infestations, perpetuating the racist stereotype that all black people live in ghettos. In reality, the congressman's district has both above-average home values and above-average levels of education (details here), higher than many districts that voted for Trump.

Too Big to Fit

I acquire new porn at a greater rate than I can post, so today's entry serves as a catch-up for some of that with nearly a gigabite of fresh smut.

The top featured here in this scene goes by Donnie and is relatively new to porn. He has a flawless ripped furry body that would be the envy of many a man.

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28 July 2019

Worse Than POWs

Foreign Policy published a thought-provoking and disturbing piece on Friday (link here) about how Donald Trump's administration treats migrants worse than prisoners of war and that such treatment would violate the Geneva Conventions.

Deaths in migrant camps due to government negligence would violate Article 13 of the third Geneva Convention.

The lack of medical facilities would violate Articles 15 and 31 of the third Geneva Convention.

The lack of hygienic facilities -- for instance, babies are being fed with unwashed bottles and are not provided with diapers -- would violate Articles 29 and 72 of the third Geneva Convention.

Lack of civil treatment for inmates would violate Article 17 of the third Geneva Convention.

And to add insult to injury, per the article, "at least 800 complaints of abuse and discrimination [have been lodged]. For example, Muslims have been prevented from praying, and gay men have reportedly been refused necessary medical treatment. Evidence of online hate speech by immigration officials has also emerged in spades."

I fear this is a problem that will have to get a lot worse to shake up the public before it can get better.

The Bigger Bang Theory

A PG-rated evening of couch smooching quickly progresses into an X-rated evening of couch sucking and fucking. The big top here goes by many names, including Luke Ward, and stands 6'2 and weighs 170.

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27 July 2019

In All But Name

Yesterday, the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee brought a legal action in federal court (details here) to compel the Justice Department to turn over all of Robert Mueller's grand jury materials, which may contain valuable evidence of Donald Trump's possible crimes.

The sought materials also include transcripts of interviews with former White House counsel Donald McGahn, who is known to have revealed considerable details about extensive conversations with Trump about actions that could be considered criminal obstruction of justice.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler remarked at a press briefing following the filing: "I would say we are in an impeachment investigation, and as to the results of the investigation, it could lead to articles of impeachment or something else."

Because the committee wishes to review the materials with an eye toward possible impeachment, that makes their legal argument considerably stronger and gives Trump almost no valid grounds for defense.

Still, Trump will want to drag this out as long as possible and will have his lawyers paper the court with motions and appeal attempts, hoping he can stall final resolution of the matter until after next year's election, which is fifteen months and one week away.

The danger with that strategy for him is that he can't delay it long enough and the materials are released only a few months -- or weeks -- before the election. What is revealed could effectively torpedo his chances of being reelected.

Hardcore Yoga

I've never been tempted to attempt yoga, but this video has me wondering. The muscular instructor topping the other two lads is Arad Winwin. The more muscular bottom is Colby Tucker while the more boyish one is Jack Hunter.

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26 July 2019

Yet Another Scam

Donald Trump and three of his adult children failed on Wednesday in their attempt to have yet another fraud class action lawsuit against them dismissed (details here).

The lawsuit will now proceed to trial.

The private citizens suing the Trumps allege "they were scammed into spending money on fraudulent, multilevel marketing ventures and a dubious live-seminar program," according to the linked article.

This sounds and smells like the class action suit that was filed against Trump because of Trump University, which he eventually settled out of court and paid $25 million in damages.

It's yet another example of Trump peddling branded snake oil to easily deceived elements of the population. This leaves one with the question -- is this something an ethical man with a strong moral compass would do? The answer is obvious.

Hopefully this lawsuit will go to trial during the 2020 campaign to maximize damage to Trump. More people need to know what a crook he is. Stay tuned for further developments.

Smutworld Serenade

The weekend is here, so that means it's time for another big disk dump to form an instant smut collection. Today's offering features about eighteen hundred photographs from fifty different hardcore porn shoots released within the last two weeks. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, click here.

25 July 2019

A Wash

Yesterday's seven hours of testimony by Robert Mueller before two congressional committees ended up being anti-climactic and something of a wash. The Special Counsel didn't really offer anything new. He certainly didn't help Donald Trump's case but he didn't really inflict any new damage.

The Boston Globe provided a good overview of highlights (link here) after the two hearings were concluded.

The most important moments were:

--Mueller once again reiterated that his report did not exonerate Trump.

--Mueller stated that Trump could be charged with a crime once he leaves office.

--Mueller said Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice but that he made no final determination on that point.

--Mueller denounced Trump and his son's celebration and promotion of WikiLeaks for publicizing stolen emails during the campaign.

--Mueller said that Trump was not truthful in his written responses to the Special Counsel's questions.

The bottom line is that Trump's critics had their beliefs reinforced by the hearings, but any action on impeachment still seems remote for now. The clearest way to remove Donald Trump from office will likely be via the ballot box on November 3, 2020, which is little more than fifteen months away.

Oto Returns

Oto was featured on this blog shortly after he did his first nude solo shoot. He's done more than a dozen porn shoots since then, including hardcore suck and fuck scenes where he's both topped and bottomed.

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24 July 2019

Phony Baloney

Donald Trump famously and repeatedly promised to be the voice of America's forgotten men and women, should he become President (details here). He repeated this pledge the night he was elected.

But as the New York Times reported yesterday (link here), Trump has done almost nothing to benefit America's working class, those forgotten people he promised to help, but instead has spent much of his presidency working to better life for the super elite.

"Since he became President," the piece notes, "Trump has largely operated as a conventional Republican, signing taxes that benefit high-end earners and companies, rolling back regulations on corporations and appointing administration officials and judges with deep roots in the conservative movement. His approach has delighted much of the political right."

In other words, Trump's promise to the forgotten Americans was yet another big fat lie.

Lust in the Afternoon

This is a great pairing of two hot favorites. The top is Cade Maddox, who stands 6'1 and weighs 200 pounds. The bottom is Boomer Banks, who is 5'11 and weighs 195. Cade exclusively tops whilst Boomer is totally versatile. Perhaps one day soon Cade will surrender his virgin bunghole to Boomer's magnificent uncut cock.

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23 July 2019


Yesterday, Donald Trump spoke to the press about Robert Mueller's testimony tomorrow and, as Vox documented (link here), he managed to tell six whopping lies in about a minute of talking, a possible new record for him.

"The blizzard of falsehoods suggests that Trump anticipates Mueller’s testimony and its aftermath won’t be good for him," the piece notes, "so he’s doing his best to do some preemptive gaslighting."

Click through the Vox link to read more about his bold-faced lies. Anyone who has read the Mueller Report, or even just the coverage about it, should be able to see through the lies immediately.

Shortly after reading this article, I happened on this Hannah Arendt quote from The Origins of Totalitarianism which is particularly germane: "The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction ... and the distinction between true and false ... no longer exist."

I doubt Trump will ever achieve a totalitarian government in the United States. But he sure would like to, and with his constant lying, he has the requisite skill set.


This lad is hot as fuck and apparently making his porn debut with this shoot. The releasing studio provided no stats for him, other than a supposed name. He's yet another porn stud with a religious tattoo. He also has a caduceus tattoo on his upper back, which may suggest he was a military medic or nurse. If so, unfortunately he got the wrong tattoo and instead should have gotten the similar-looking asklepian, which is the classical medical symbol.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with more than four hundred images from eight different solo shoots released within the last ten days. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, click here.

22 July 2019

While You Were Distracted

Donald Trump's racist spewings continued over the weekend. His surrogates doubled-down on the various Sunday talk shows. The topic is now dominating the national conversation.

By accident or design, it's a distraction from the most important item for this coming week: the testimony by Robert Mueller before Congress, which will be covered live on television from gavel to gavel (details here).

The testimony might provide new revelations and, equally, it might not. At a minimum, it should provide some juicy soundbites and it will also refocus America's attention on Trump's wrongdoings, unethical behavior, and possible crimes.

If friends or coworkers start talking about Trump's racist rantings, remind them that's a distraction from the real news this week: Robert Mueller. Trump will try anything to turn your attention away from that. Don't let him get away with it.

Tall, Newly Dark, and Handsome

The top here goes by Jax in porn. He broke into the business last year and has both beefed up and matured from boyish to man since then. In this most recent shoot, he's unveiling a darker hair look; he actually has ginger brown/blond hair.

He's all man now and the dark hair gives him a more mature look. He stands 6'3 and weighs 205. He must've been in the military at some point because his forearm tattoo reads "No Limit Soldier."

The high res originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with more than three hundred mostly high quality images from twelve different hardcore shoots in the last ten days. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, click here.