31 August 2009

Older Is Better

This is Kevin, a sometimes model from Ohio. He's 48 and looks fantastic. I suspect some people might think he looks "too old," but I've always had a thing for middle-aged blokes. I'm into men more than I'm into boys. Lads become really interesting for me when they hit about thirty; then they really begin to shine.

30 August 2009

Ready for Adoption

Fitting together some clues from this picture, I'm guessing these were taken in his bedroom in a larger flat he shares with several of his mates. The posters taped to the wall suggest he's recently out of college and still too poor to have a nice place of his own. The dirty laundry tossed on the floor tells me he either has a steady, tolerant girlfriend who doesn't care about his mess or he doesn't date much, because he doesn't worry about bringing a lady friend back to his messy room.

He could be in graduate school. I'm guessing he's around 24 and about 6'2", given his height compared to the closet door. His mum bought him the matching spread and towels. The room has that stuffy male lair scent. Watch where you walk, because he leaves his barbells lying in the middle of the floor.

The pictures are much larger than these previews here, so be sure to click on them to see him up close and personal.

29 August 2009

Hey Jose

This bloke is just so incredibly hot. He has a whole shyness thing going for him that really works. He jacks off on camera, but he's too bashful to look up as he does this. It's just about the bucks for this lad. His girlfriend and his mates surely don't know about his second job.

28 August 2009


Don't feel bad, I'd look too.

Have you ever checked out a guy, and he busted you doing this? That's how I met my boyfriend. I saw him in the gym and believed I was being discrete whilst looking him over; however, I didn't realize he could see me reflected in a large mirror.

He turned suddenly and glared at me, and I froze in my tracks like a complete git. He began walking toward me, and I was really afraid for a moment. He was not smiling, so I thought he was some straight bloke offended at being ogled. I thought, well, at least if I'm going to be pummeled, I picked a big hot one.

When he was right in front of me, he asked "do I know you?" in a deep, soft voice laced with an accent I could not place, one of the sexiest man I had ever heard. I babbled some absurd denial in reply, then he offered his hand and introduced himself. When I said my name and we shook, his handsome face broke into a broad smile. It's an image now etched forever on my heart.

27 August 2009

Fine Art

Writer Eric Arvin featured one of these images on his blog the other day. I was intrigued, so I hunted down the photographer, Jan Kruml, and found a batch more.

26 August 2009

Alluring Eyes

This bloke's face is what attracts me most. He has an excellent good-boy/bad-boy look going for him.

25 August 2009


I found these blokes in a folder I had created a long time ago that ended up in the wrong part of my hard drive, so I haven't seen these in quite a bit. I knew immediately why I saved them. They're all very impressive lads in a variety of ways, all big strapping fellows with commendable oaken arms and shoulders as well as flawless physiques.

24 August 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can shoot furthest of them all?

23 August 2009

Somebody's Excited

Both my boyfriend and I are very "drippy" blokes. Mother Nature supplied us with generous self-lubricating abilities. (Where does that stuff come from anyway -- the prostate?)

After he gets me all heated up, he'll grab the upper part of my manhood with his fist, then slowly swirl his thumb on the stick cockhead. It just drives me wild and only brings on more flow. Of course, I do the same for him.

He's traveling on business, so thinking of this only makes me hornier. He'll call me from his hotel once he arrives, and we'll catch up with some phone sex.

22 August 2009

Keep On Truckin'

A battered old pickup often makes a hot young guy more alluring for some reason. I guess it has something to do with the iconic value of masculine symbols like trucks. I'm sure there's more to this set, but this is all I happen to have.

21 August 2009

Tattoed Marine

The tattoos reveal this bloke really was a Marine. You always have to suspect porn sites passing off any random lad as a soldier. I can't imagine someone would go to all the trouble of having a USMC tattoo if he wasn't really a Marine.

I travel quite a bit, so sometimes I see young Marines in airport waiting areas. They're at once polite and rowdy, seemingly happy for someone to bullshit. The last time I flew to New York, two jarheads were counting out their change to see if they had enough for some snacks. I volunteered to treat them and they couldn't be happier. One was butt-ugly with terrible skin but the other was quite easy on the eyes.

20 August 2009

Fine Art

These beautiful photographs are by Dianora Niccolini. They're all larger than the previews shown here, so be sure to click on each one to see them full sized. The third one is called "Billy Floating" -- several astute commenters pointed out that he's a doll, not real, but some of us were fooled!

19 August 2009

Cuddling Is Addictive

And leads to other adventures. I think it's absolutely mandatory that a boyfriend must cuddle.