23 August 2009

Somebody's Excited

Both my boyfriend and I are very "drippy" blokes. Mother Nature supplied us with generous self-lubricating abilities. (Where does that stuff come from anyway -- the prostate?)

After he gets me all heated up, he'll grab the upper part of my manhood with his fist, then slowly swirl his thumb on the stick cockhead. It just drives me wild and only brings on more flow. Of course, I do the same for him.

He's traveling on business, so thinking of this only makes me hornier. He'll call me from his hotel once he arrives, and we'll catch up with some phone sex.


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  2. without words ... wonderful.

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  4. Pre-cum is produced by the Cowper's gland, and is intended to provide lubrication. Some men produce a lot, others very little. If you got it, flaunt it!!

  5. Yes, the Cowper's gland is absolutely right. I got a lot of it myself, and it is a shame you see it so rarely in porn videos; it makes them all the hotter.

    Is the the same "shilmania" that is posting pictures on male exposure? WOOF!


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