21 August 2009

Tattoed Marine

The tattoos reveal this bloke really was a Marine. You always have to suspect porn sites passing off any random lad as a soldier. I can't imagine someone would go to all the trouble of having a USMC tattoo if he wasn't really a Marine.

I travel quite a bit, so sometimes I see young Marines in airport waiting areas. They're at once polite and rowdy, seemingly happy for someone to bullshit. The last time I flew to New York, two jarheads were counting out their change to see if they had enough for some snacks. I volunteered to treat them and they couldn't be happier. One was butt-ugly with terrible skin but the other was quite easy on the eyes.


  1. This Marine has an awesome weapon of a cock! Nice set of balls too!

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  3. Laurent08:05

    The profile of the self-penis study in briefs is one of the classics, too -- the relative hardness of the face on-axis is becomingly reconciled from this angle, while the plushness of the pecmolds resonates -- need I say -- quite coherently in the glans. Well conceived, well executed.


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