31 March 2015

Toga Party

Big strapping stud Arad, apparently some kind of Patrician, has gone down to the slave market and bought himself a hot little ginger. Who knew they had such fancy tattoos in Ancient Rome?

That aside, Arad puts his slave to very good use. The slave is happy to be used and to serve. "Pardon me, Sire, would you like more grapes before you buttfuck me again?"

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30 March 2015

West Fucks East

I regularly receive email from lads begging me to feature more Asians in this blog. The problem is there just isn't that much porn out there to which I have access that features Asian lads in hardcore action.

Today's entry is one of those exceptions. I am reminded of my twenties when I had a regular Asian fuckbuddy. He wasn't interested in a relationship and had a long-time girlfriend. But he still wanted to blow me and then get fucked.

Years later when nearly anyone could be found on the internet, I looked him up. He's married with several children and a successful professional. I would never reveal his secret, but I've always wondered if he ever told his wife. I suspect not.

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29 March 2015

Uncle Mickey in the Shower

If you like hairy and muscular older men, then this video should wake up the little soldier in your jeans. The bloke here goes by Mickey Collins in porn and has done a few scenes, mostly as a top.

I don't know his age, but I'd guess he's somewhere in his fifties. One porn database shows his stats as 5'10 and 230 pounds. His body looks more built by hard work than at the gym.

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28 March 2015

The Two Muskateers

When Athos ran off and married a milk, Porthos and Aramis discovered why they like to spend so much time with each other: they didn't fancy women. So after more drinks than were perhaps wise, Porthos and Aramis adjourned to their castle and surrendered to their desires.

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27 March 2015

Gosh Darn!

This pup is catnip for me. He has the perfect combination of a hot body and a sweet, innocent face. He looks so clean cut and wholesome, like the sort of lad who couldn't even swear and would always say "gosh" and "darn" instead.

I'd sure like to pop his cherry and give him something to gosh and darn about. He's appeared solo as Cody one one of the popular porn studios' sites, so hopefully he'll be back with a buddy and bottom for everyone to watch. I want to see a fat cock in that sweet mouth of his and a load of cum on his innocent face.

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26 March 2015

The Editing Room

The story here seems to be that Denis, Jessy, and Max were editing a porn movie they've shot. The action on screen got them so worked up, they had to stop their work and suck and fuck to get the horny out of their system.

Unlike many porn setups, this one is actually quite believable to me. If I was shooting and editing porn flicks, I think I'd have a near constant boner straining my jeans. I'd need to use some of the talent to drain my system so I could get back to work.

I remember reading someplace about how various porn actors sometimes end up sucking and fucking off-screen while they're waiting for their scene to shoot. They're just so oversexed they can't help themselves. Such a curse that would be.

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25 March 2015

Now That's a Physical

This has to be some of the worst-dressed military personnel on record. And I question the credentials of the "doctor" performing the supposed physical here.

But I have no complaints. Any time a hot "doctor" wants to perform an alleged physical like this on me, I would have no objections, particularly if he had a few other helpers at the same time.

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24 March 2015

Selfie Fiesta

It's been a while since I featured a post with amateur lads showing their cocks, so this entry hopefully will make up for that. I pulled up one of the directories from my archive with the label "400 amateurs showing their cocks" and a post was born.

That pretty much describes what we see going on down below in a sample from the set. Both photo number six and seven pique my curiosity. I want to know what happened, who did whom and all that. I want to know whose cum that is in the last shot.

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23 March 2015

The Cameraman

Porn cameraman Theo always wears his tightest jeans on filming days to keep his hard-on from showing. But one day after watching pornstar Connor slam his fat meat into Allen for nearly four hours, the rigid fabric can't quite hide the aching mass beneath.

Theo thinks his aroused state went unnoticed when no one on the crew says anything. But later, when he's fitting a microphone on Connor for a post-sex interview, the star grabs his wrist and says, "I saw your boner. And I want to do something about it right now."

Theo then learns first-hand why pornstars are a different breed when he pulls out his hard meat and stuffs to into the cameraman's face. Theo finally has a chance to do the interview hours later when they're naked, spent, and coated with sweat and cum.

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22 March 2015

The Champ and the Sling

I've had a long-time boner for Adam Champ. He's a throwback in some ways to the golden age of porn, when men weren't afraid to look like men and didn't pluck and wax and razor away all their hair.

I've never pitched or caught in a sling. Does anyone here have first-hand experience? Is it like fucking in a waterbed? That I have done.

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21 March 2015

Bears on the Couch

In certain parts of the US like the Rocky Mountains and around Yosemite, bears can be a major hazard. They have been known to break into houses or cars and trash them to steal food.

Here we see a video of a different species of bear. They've broken into this house but leave the kitchen alone. They're much more interested in the couch.

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20 March 2015

Ready for Plowing

At first glance, this appears to be a horny lad who put his selfies online to get some action. It took me a while to learn that he's Luke Adams, who appears in porn, usually as a bottom.

That's why I often like amateur shots like these more than the professional porn. This gives us a glimpse of the real lad's personality, and we see he's just another horny bloke looking to hook up for some fun. That one with his ass in the air gives a pretty good idea of what he badly needs.

I wouldn't call him a twink. I'd say he's more of a cub. The six pictures below are archived in their original size, along with two more, right here.

19 March 2015

Raw Bangers

The Randy Blue studio is now the latest to embrace the porn bareback trend. Few of the bigger production companies still eschew this development and keep their meat wrapped.

Some, like Michael Lucas's company, said many times they would never go bareback, but then they did anyway. Others once had "no bareback" pledges at the beginning of all their videos, and then those were quietly eliminated and they went bareback.

The players are being tested regularly, and that information now usually appears in the films itself. Still, the move is not without controversy.

A few readers have written to me over time to comment about the fact that I feature some bareback here. Given I harvest from other sources, I don't have a lot of choice.

The decision to bareback or not is a personal one and should be made with full understanding of what it may mean. So if in doubt, the safe route is always to wrap it up.

Jordan stuffed his raw meat in Dominic for the Randy Blue debut of wrapper-free porn. I have to think the white on black decision here was a conscious one for this inaugural set.

This set has forty large images in total, a small selection of which you can see below. To download the entire batch for free, be sure to click here.