30 June 2013

Constable Patrick

Someone just posted this on Xvideos yesterday, so it may not last long. Here we see Constable Patrick gets so horny he has to stick things in his bunghole to help achieve relief. This could give us some hope he'll bottom for some lad in the not-too-distant future.

29 June 2013

His Dad's College Roommate

For his first year in school, Fred sent his naive son Brent to live with Jack, his old college roommate, to keep the young lad away from corrupting influences. Little did Fred know that Jack had come out of the closet several years before.

Brent took one look at big hairy Jack and latent urges were awakened. For his part, Jack hadn't gotten laid in months and was more than happy to teach Brent about the art of men loving men.

28 June 2013

Deputy Bailey

This is Bailey Chase, an actor who plays a deputy sheriff on the TNT "new west" crime Drama Longmire, set in a fictional Wyoming county. Chase has the country deputy stud look down pat with the tight Wranglers and cowboy boots.

He's 41, 6'1", and 190 pounds. And here's what I find interesting -- he's never been married. Hmmm. Am I reading too much in that? Quickly Googles and finds scant mention of any girlfriend or serious relationship. Hmmm.

I wouldn't mind chasing after Bailey. He can cuff me and stuff me anytime he likes.

27 June 2013

Rocco's Relief

I usually don't feature videos on Thursday, but this one might not keep until Saturday. A faithful reader informed me someone had posted a video on Xvideos of Rocco stripping and jacking off, and he puts on a very nice show.

Chances are whoever posted this did so on the sly; thus, you better watch now or soon before it disappears. Here's to hoping Rocco makes an encore or two or more with one or more blokes. I want to see him both topping and bottoming.

26 June 2013

Muscle Gym Fuck

This video begins with a somewhat plausible instruction guide about how to seduce a straight man. You start out by insulting his junk. That compels him to whip it out. If he's a grower, then he's compelled to prove it.

Then you offer a little help if he can't quite make it grow as much as he'd want. Once he's boned up and the testosterone is flowing, then he won't let you stop. At least in theory, that is.

25 June 2013

Mesmerizing Eyes

The lads on the Sean Cody website are often too twinkish for my taste, but Rocco here is a remarkable exception. He's only described as a "flirty Latin guy" and "super friendly" but with no further information.

This coyness about him suggests they will pair him soon with another bloke or two for some adventures in mansex. If so, will he top or bottom? That long cock isn't terribly thick, so he might be a wise choice to bust some other lad's cherry.

As is often the case here, these photos are much larger than they appear below, so be sure to right click each one to examine more closely and to save.

24 June 2013


Being a god doesn't mean everything is easy street. Sometimes you have a late night out and you can barely get up the next morning.

You don't have time for a shower, but then that would be the only way to make your bedhead go away. Sometimes being a god is almost like being a mere mortal, except for the fact that half the planet wants to sleep with you.

23 June 2013

Generously Endowed

This vid features one of my favorites, the substantially hung Lito Cruz, who has both enviable length and thickness. I would've preferred if he did all the topping here and just had everyone else bottom.

The others don't offer much distraction, as long as Lito is in the frame. The lad he fucks for most of this scene seems perfectly comfortable, as if he's had quite a few massive cocks and other things like fireplugs and traffic cones up his ass.

22 June 2013

Straight Dude Loves Gay Cocksuckers

This guy is both cute and hot, like a tradesman who comes to your house to fix something. I'm not picking up any pings on the gaydar, but he seems totally relaxed with a man sucking his cock.

If only more straight lads were like this. He has a face made for a cumblast and probably a few thousand could make that happen.

21 June 2013

Bathtub Toy

I want this bathtub toy. Do you think they sell it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond? He's the perfect combination of an innocent face and a body built for play.

I don't know who he is, but these look like amateur photos. I suspect he's Eastern European or Russian, and my boyfriend who is from that region agrees. We also both agree we want to fuck him, in the bath or the bed or anyplace else beyond.

The photos below are considerably larger, so right click on each one to see and save the full-size version. You'll find a fourth photo here that I didn't include on the main page because the quality is only fair (part of the reason I think they're amateur).

If anyone knows anything about him, please post details in the comments. Google image search turned up nothing of use.


20 June 2013

Super Henry

I don't usually get all weak-kneed about actors but I'll make an exception for Henry Cavill. He looks bloody fantastic in Man of Steel and is the hottest Superman of all time.

My only complaint is the Supercock seems deliberately masked by his costumes. I like that we can see a suggestion of length but we need more bulge. In The Tudors he seemed to have a more prominent basket.

These photos are truly massive, so be sure to right-click each one and keep. They will make excellent screensavers.

19 June 2013

Spin the Bottle

I love how Chris is pounding the one lad doggystyle whilst sucking the other one's cock. That has to be heaven. Even though I'm dog-tired with jet lag, this resulted in a stiff bulge in my jeans.

18 June 2013

Is This Obscene?

I'm always intrigued by the sometimes blurry dividing line between what is obscene and what is not. In the picture below, the lad's junk is not patently visible. It's obscured by the sheet.

We don't actually know for certain what's causing the sheet to stand up like that, although we all have a very good idea. It might not be his junk. He could be perfectly flaccid and that's just a prosthetic of some sort.

So the obscenity is not explicit in our eyes but it is in our mind. We presume he has a hard cock. We start to concoct erotic stories in our minds -- he's awakened alone on his day off and can't stop thinking about sex. Or he's anticipating his lover crawling into bed in a few minutes. Or he's watching some scorching hot porn on a video screen beyond the frame of this image.

But still -- is the picture obscene in and of itself? Is a photo of a man who might have an erection as obscene as a photo of a man who clearly has his cock fully exposed for all to see? If you put the latter on the cover of a newspaper, people would howl with outrage about the obscenity. But what if you selected the "covered" one -- is that any less objectionable and, if so, why?

17 June 2013

Hot Men With Pussies

I bet you thought this was something different, based on the headline. Worried you there for a second, did I? He he.

Finding pictures of hot blokes with cats is much more difficult than finding sizzling lads with dogs. I guess dogs are perceived as "more masculine" while cats are the opposite.

But a hot man who's comfortable with his sexuality doesn't worry if he's holding a cat or a flower or an umbrella. And any bloke with a soft heart for an animal is an asset as a friend no matter what.

The lad with a typewriter was outside in the street yelling "Stella" up at the windows. I wonder what that's about?

16 June 2013

A Hot Ass Treatment

I like when everything clicks in a porn video: overactive gonads, hot sex, and quality production values.

Too bad all X-rated fare can't be like this, but then maybe we'd never get anything done, we'd be so busy watching porn. I'd like if these lads had a little more muscle and a bit less ink, but I still like it a lot.

15 June 2013


Compilation porn can often be uninspiring because the clips are too short and look more like a bad Chuck Workman homage. This one is an exception to that rule, and I think it succeeds in part because it uses longer clips and less of them.

14 June 2013

Blessed Amateurs

If you've got a big cock, flaunt it, right? And a selfie is a great way to do it. Bonus points when they show their faces, but camera shy is okay, too.

13 June 2013

His First Blowjob

This is one of those photos that seems to want to tell a story. Perhaps it started something like this: the lad on the left, Fred, had some readings on his gaydar about the one on the right, Chip. So the lad on the left invited his friend to his house to watch the big game.

The game was a bit dull and they each had a few beers. During a commercial break, when Chip on the right wasn't looking, Fred undid his pants and brought his junk out for some air. The anticipation of the moment and the warm breeze caused his cock to harden somewhat. He looked back at the TV, pretending nothing was different, pretending his meat wasn't out for inspection.

Chip looked toward his friend, intending to steal a glance, and noticed instead with surprise his half-hard cock out in the open. And noticed it's commendable thickness and size. Chip was entranced. He'd long had a crush on his friend and had dreamed of a moment like this. Yet he had never sucked another bloke's cock -- he'd never had any male/male sexual contact of any sort. Of course, he'd seen lots of gay porn on the internet and knew what men could do to other men, but he'd never sampled from the rainbow buffet himself.

The sight of that magnificent cock within arm's reach mesmerized Chip. He couldn't stop staring at it. He leaned in closer to examine it, imagining dropping down a few inches and beginning to tease the tip with his tongue, feeling the pulsing hard flesh against his lips.

The four beers caused him to lose his balance a bit, and the thing he knew, his open mouth made contact with Fred's cock. The thick fleshy pole moved a bit, hardening somewhat, and eased into Chip's mouth. He felt his friend's strong hand make gentle contact with the back of his head as he eased his friend down on his meat.

Chip felt his own cock harden when Fred bent down and whispered in his ear: "Take your time, buddy. You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to do this. But I knew you would one day. I could see the desire in your eyes."

12 June 2013

After the Match

I shouldn't watch videos like this, because when I'm in the gym locker room, my mind can start to wander and I remember porn I've seen. Then I have to think about a busload of nuns with whiskers going off a cliff after hitting some baby ducks -- all to keep from popping a woody.

11 June 2013

Officer Dave

Dave is reportedly Swiss and a competitive all-natural bodybuilder. One website said he was a police officer. Whether that's true or not, he can handcuff me and do a cavity search anytime he wants. Oh those eyes, those arms...

10 June 2013


This is Tommy, a one-time Marine and currently a personal trainer and model who is the epitome of silver fox magnificence. While all parts of him are magnificent, don't overlook his hands. They're strong and masculine and reveal he's not afraid of hard work. Lucky the lad or lady who shares his bed.