30 November 2016

International Shame

The Washington Post published an article yesterday by human rights activist Dr. Samar Habib (link here) about how the United States will likely go from being the beacon of hope on LGBT rights to a beacon of hate, providing de facto encouragement to countries suppressing LGBT people, thanks to Donald Trump's election and that of his stridently anti-LGBT Vice President. As Dr. Habib writes, "in many countries, this could seriously harm those whose gender identity and sexual orientation vary from the mainstream."

In essence, America will go from what we are now on LGBT rights to a position much like that of hateful autocrat Vladimir Putin. This is sickening. Our international reputation on human rights will go from the generally positive, as it is now under Barack Obama, to something much worse than it was under George W. Bush, when debacles like the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib led to widespread international condemnation.

I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is from a country where LGBT people are persecuted, a stance that was condemned by the United States under President Obama. Now, a nation with a strident anti-LGBT reputation will likely be encouraged by the United States. I fear for his LGBT friends who were not able to flee his country like he was able to do.

Seguing away from that dark note, our film for today features a lad so horny he hangs out his window and offers his mouth and ass to anyone who happens to wander by. He has plenty of takers, including one bloke who stops by again for sloppy seconds.

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29 November 2016

How Bad Will It Get?

The online magazine Salon recently reported (link here) that Donald Trump's election has seen an increase in hate crimes, many of them targeting LGBT people -- assaults, vandalism, public harassment, hateful anonymous notes, and more. For instance, one North Carolina gay couple was targeted with an anonymous note reading “Can’t wait until your ‘marriage’ is overturned by a real president. Gay families = burn in hell. Trump 2016."

Similarly, the web journal U.S. Uncut published a news item (link here) about an elderly gay may in Florida who was dragged from his car and attacked. "You know my new president says we can kill all you faggots now," the attacker repeated several times during the assault.

CNN is reporting a long list of hate crimes directed at many different minorities (link here), including anti-gay slurs and vandalism. In Indiana, vandals painted "Heil Trump," a swastika, and an anti-gay slur on a church, while in Colorado, a transgender woman's car was spray-painted with the word "Trump," swastikas, and the word "die" several times.

A variety of media outlets are reporting that LGBT Americans have been receiving ugly anonymous notes from Trump supporters after the election, and these often include ominous warnings and threats. In Kentucky, for instance, a gay couple found a hateful message (link here) left on their car. In West Virginia, a gay couple found an anonymous note left by someone who knocked on their door at night (link here) which read "Trump is our President now! Get out of our neighborhood now, faggots!"

Hateful violence in Trump's name has even spread overseas. In Sydney, Australia, for instance, as reported by Raw Story (link here), two gay men were beaten by vocal Trump supporters who screamed "Trump’s won, straight white men rule!" Police have arrested two suspects in the attack.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a long-standing and prominent civil rights organization, has been documenting hate crimes since election day (link here). In the first ten days after the election, they collected reports of more than 700 separate incidents, and more than 80 of those targeted LGBT victims.

And what has been Donald Trump and Michael Pence's public response to this wave of increased violence and hate? The silence is deafening.

Now let's move on to some porn. Here are three lads -- a top, a bottom, and one who's versatile -- trying to satisfy all their needs at the same time. Sometimes that means two cocks in one hole or a cock in your hole while your pole is in another hole.

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28 November 2016

He Doesn't Care

Notwithstanding Donald Trump has made some comments that show he might be tolerant of LGBT rights, his administrative decisions demonstrate he really doesn't give a shit about LGBT people. His choice of stridently anti-LGBT homophobe Michael Pence as his Vice-President is proof of that.

As he begins rolling out cabinet and other high level administrative picks, his "doesn't give a shit" policy was demonstrated once again with his choice of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. As The Advocate documented in a recent article (link here), DeVos and her family have donated a massive amount to anti-LGBT causes.

This is why I think LGBT rights are in danger under a President Trump, because he'll continue this "doesn't give a shit" policy with his choices of Supreme Court justice nominees as well as nominees to all other federal courts. Whether or not a potential nominee is pro- or anti-LGBT won't even register on his radar.

So he'll pick people for other reasons, and if they happen to be anti-LGBT, as many of them are on the pre-approved Heritage Foundation list he's promised to use, he won't give a shit. LGBT rights will be tossed out the window.

Moving on to a more cheerful topic, Alex Mecum has been featured here before in this blog (archive here). He's back today in a new photo set.

I like Alex because he doesn't look like a porn star but, instead, an average handsome bloke who keeps in shape and could be a lawyer or a bank manager. That might be because he doesn't have any tattoos or piercings and has an ordinary, cleancut look.

He's in his late twenties, 6'0, and 195 pounds. He's originally from Utah and broke into solo stroke porn in 2013 and graduated to hardcore scenes in 2015, usually as a top, which is also his off-screen preference.

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27 November 2016

Welcome to the Kleptocracy

This is why we don't trust Donald Trump: since election day, he has completely backtracked on many promises. During the campaign he said one thing on a topic, and now he's singing a perfectly different tune on a variety of issues.

New York magazine published an article a few days ago (link here) about how he once promised to put all his business interests in a blind trust so he could focus on running the presidency. Now that he's been elected, he's doing just the opposite -- spending more time using the power of President-elect status to promote his business. He's been on the phone with world leaders asking them to streamline approval of his international real estate projects.

So this is why he can't be trusted about LGBT issues -- he's fundamentally dishonest. Who knows what he means to do? And as I wrote here yesterday, his Vice President may really be making a lot of the decisions.

A lot of people use a different D word to descripe Trump: dictator. Given the Electoral College itself has not yet voted -- they do so in mid-December -- calling him a dictator is premature. But he has made a lot of dictator-like pronouncements and he's spoken admirably about heinous autocrats like Vladimir Putin. On this topic, the esteemed magazine Foreign Policy recently published an article titled "10 Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator" (link here).

Personally, I think the Trump Administration will be rampantly corrupt but not try to declare martial law. I hope I'm not proven wrong on that second point. It will be Tea Pot Dome and Iran-Contra all over again except many times worse. While individual liberties will be attacked for some people -- including LGBT people -- I don't think we'll have martial law and suspension of the constitution. Once again, I certainly hope I'm not proven wrong.

Needless to say, and as I've already articulated in several posts, I think LGBT people need to be wary and alert. Trump and Pence could pull the rug out from under us if we don't pay attention and be prepared to speak out when necessary.

On that dark note, let's look at some porn. Featured today is aggressive top Tyler Reed pounding Dylan Saunders into the next time zone. Tyler is not ripped model hot, but he has a very nice sexy bear vibe about him. Dylan is just a big slutty loud bottom who loves to be fucked hard until he's dizzy.

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26 November 2016

Embracing Ignorance

It's no secret Donald Trump is shockingly unprepared to be President of the United States. He's admitted he doesn't read and doesn't keep up with world affairs. This was obvious during the primaries and general election campaign.

Indeed, Google the phrase "Trump ignorant" and you'll get more than sixteen million hits (link here to that actual search). On that first page of results I've linked, you'll find ten excellent articles by writers both on the left and the right of the political spectrum about how woefully unprepared and incurious Trump is about the job he'll start in January. Keep flipping through the search pages and you'll find many more.

So it was even more shocking when The Washington Post reported on Wednesday how Trump is skipping his classified intelligence briefings (link here). All Presidents-elect and sitting Presidents receive these on a daily basis; Trump has shrugged off all but two and spent time promoting his business.

Instead, Vice President-elect Michael Pence has attended the briefings on a daily basis. Now this is a curious development, because back when Ohio Governor John Kasich was offered the Vice President job by Trump, he was told that he'd be the most powerful veep in history and in charge of all domestic and foreign affairs (link here for more details about that).

In short, Trump was offering to be the figurehead and national cheerleader while the Vice President would really run the show. One now wonders if Pence was offered the same opportunity -- why else is he attending these critically important security briefings while Trump plays the truant?

This is why we need to be very vigilant about the Trump presidency, because the real power behind the throne may turn out to be Pence, a sort of Dick Cheney on steroids. And Pence is stridently hateful toward LGBT people. Pence would love to outlaw same sex marriage and criminalize LGBT practices in a rush to return America to 1950s "values."

So now we segue to our porn selection for the day. The musclestud top in this video is superstar Tyler Riggz, playing an undercover cop who makes a new friend in a willing bartender at a gay bar.

Riggz was always a pleasure to watch, usually as a top but occasionally as a bottom. He worked from 2005 to 2011. I believe the scene shown here is from a movie called No Cover, released in 2006.

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25 November 2016

Silence Is Not Golden

I've received mostly positive comments and emails but a few negative ones about my Donald Trump commentaries. Here's the deal: if you don't like them or don't want to read them, just skip past them and look at the porn and download the zipped picture collections and video scenes. Both the daily porn and commentaries will continue.

I remember Reagan's election as well as those for both Bush I and Bush II. This election is much different. All three of those past Presidents were classic Republicans -- conservative but courtly and with credentials. Reagan and Bush II had both been governors. Bush I had been a Vice-President, a Congressman, an Ambassador to the United States, and more. Trump has no relevant experience.

None of those three former Presidents ran on platforms of mass deportation, religious registries, gleeful warmongering, hateful rhetoric, blatant sexism, and dangerous anti-Constitutional threats. Many of those in Trump innermost circle have threatened even worse than the President-elect himself.

Perhaps Trump won't turn out to be an absolutely horrible President and will be restrained by Congress and the federal court system. But perhaps he'll be even worse than imagined.

I would rather speak up now and alert others to what I see as dangerous threats than to remain silent. Better to be vigilant and ready now, than to be blissfully ignorant and caught flat-footed when it's too late.

The possibility is real that we could soon have a severely conservative Supreme Court that will whittle away the many advances America has seen since the 1950s. Equal marriage rights, birth control rights, women's rights, civil rights, and many more could all be tossed on the ash heap.

I don't want to go to prison for loving another man, and I don't want any of you to, either. Trump has promised to give judicial nomination oversight to the severely conservative Heritage Foundation. That's a threat we must take seriously, because we don't know how far a severely conservative Supreme Court could go. I refuse to remain silent while that real danger hangs over our heads.

Now on to Michal, our stud for today, an uncut ginger cutie who looks a little nervous about appearing nude on camera. He's 24, 5'10, and 175 pounds.

He's a sports trainer and obviously spends regular time in the gym. Now Michal, please stop with the pube trimming. A beautiful uncut cock like that deserves its natural ginger bush.

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24 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

To all you Yanks out there, be safe and have an enjoyable and blessed holiday. And if any of you are planning a trip south of the border for some wild revelries over the long weekend, watch out for this bloke here.

This unknown officer is a real motorcycle cop in Mexico. He'll be be on your tail if you misbehave. I imagine some people deliberately speed in hopes he'll catch them and do a body cavity search back at the station.

The larger original photo is archived here (mirror here) for downloading and saving.

23 November 2016

The Vampire

Today's post is about two vampires. The first vampire is real. His name is Donald Trump, and he who preys on anyone and everyone he can to exploit to his own benefit. I recommend you read this article (link here) entitled "I Am a Gay Jew in Trump’s America. And I Am Afraid for My Life."

The other vampire is make-believe. He's hot straight porn stud Anthony Hardwood back in his early days when he broke into the skin biz in gay porn when he acted under the name of Marko Nagy.

He isn't out of the Anne Rice universe, where vampires are sexless and lifelong virgins. He's an alpha stud vampire who fucks his targets before he bites them. That sounds like much more fun than the Vampire Lestat.

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22 November 2016

Dangerous Friends

While Donald Trump has made some gestures that might suggest he was sympathetic to LGBT rights -- like holding a rainbow flag upside down at a rally after it was handed to him by someone in the crowd -- his embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin underscore how he actually has little concern for LGBT people around the world.

Putin is openly hostile to LGBT men and women in and outside his country and has endorsed laws that persecute LGBT people. While not always an exhaustive source, Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive overview (link here) about anti-LGBT measures inside Russia.

Indeed, Putin's anti-LGBT measures have helped buttress support for him from American conservatives, as documented by Right Wing Watch (link here), Many of  those same LGBT-hating people also supported Trump's campaign.

Putin's harsh anti-LGBT tactics have drawn condemnation from many human rights and civil rights organizations throughout the world. Some of those arguments are documented in excellent editorials from The New York Times (link here), The Independent (link here), and CNN (link here). Many more articles of this nature can be found online.

Donald Trump wants to forge a close relationship between the United States and Putin in Russia. The fact that he so willingly wishes to embrace an autocrat who persecutes LBGT people amply demonstrates that the incoming American President has little regard for equality.

President Obama has always held Russia at arm's length because of their atrocious record on human rights and LGBT rights. The fact that his successor will so openly embrace a hostile and dictatorial foreign power that persecutes its citizens is deeply, deeply troubling.

Now on to the porn. Featured today is Ledger banging two different lads' butts. Ledger was featured here before in a solo set and later here in a blowjob set -- both picture download links are still active for those earlier collections, so be sure to grab them if you haven't already done so before.

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21 November 2016

Now I'm Angry

Enough with being depressed. Yes, Hillary Clinton won approximately two million more votes than Donald Trump, but the Electoral College means the candidate who actually lost the popular vote will become President of the United states.

The Trump campaign made noises before the election about how they would be sympathetic to LGBT people, but developments since the election reveal that was a sham. Many of us knew this before November 8 and were not fooled.

The Attorney General nominee is proof positive of this. Jeff Sessions has a long history and a deplorable record as a racist and homophobe. The New York Times published an excellent editorial (link here) about how his nomination is an insult to justice.

The non-partisan website On the Issues has a comprehensive overview of Sessions' record (link here), and you can quickly see he's been stridently anti-LGBT. The progressive website Think Progress also recently published a quick overview (link here) of his political and social positions.

Understandably, the LGBT media has spoken out loudly about Sessions' nomination. Some of the better coverage includes Queerty (link here), LGBTQ Nation (link here), Pink News (link here), and Towle Road (link here). Google News links to many more current articles on this topic.

Trump has said in so many words that same-sex marriage is settled law, but he's already filling out his administration with people stridently opposed to LGBT rights and marriage equality. In the next four years (and hopefully no more), he will nominate justices and judges who would dearly love to void same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Republicans are now close to having control of enough state legislatures to pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Many rights will come under assault by the Trump administration in addition to LGBT rights. We must be ready to speak out and do everything we lawfully can to prevent that from happening. I don't intend to turn this into a political blog, but I will be speaking out more on these issues in the future by directing readers to important online resources.

Now on to the naked men. Our featured tasty morsel for today is Zdenek from Prague. That may sound like an unusual name, but it's commonly found in central Europe with some spelling variations. Zdenek is 21, 5'11, and 190 pounds.

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20 November 2016

Dirty Talk

The men are hot, but the dirty talk is what always makes scenes like this hotter for me. This looks like it was shot in a motel room -- I wonder what the people in the next room thought about what they heard?

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19 November 2016

Major Meat

The top here has a big thick cock and oversize balls, undoubtedly one of the prime reasons he is a popular porn performer. He has appeared under many names, including Sean, David, George, Jake, Jim, Jiri, Jirk, and many more with a variety of last names.

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18 November 2016

Greek Pride

This is Spiros, who apparently only ever did this one porn shoot and nothing more. That's too bad, because he has a nice long cock and extra bushy armpits. He appears to be growing out his chest hair after shaving it, so he probably looks even better with his full pelt.

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17 November 2016

Beer Bong Shenanigans

An afternoon of beer bong indulgence strips away Tomas, Alan, and Martin's inhibitions when all three finally confront the fact that they really prefer men instead of fish. Everybody's pole and everybody's hole gets a complete workout.

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16 November 2016


Mix one slutty bottom pup and four big men who use him like their personal sex toy. They get so horny waiting their turn, they start sucking and fucking each other, too. The result is very hot and very messy.

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15 November 2016

Happy Puppy

This is Daniel, who's 21, 5'10, and 165 pounds. He has the body of a man but still something of the boy in him as revealed by his face. I'd like to see him in ten years if he keeps in shape like this. Then he'll be a real stunner.

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14 November 2016

Bigger Beef

The big beefy top here is Arad, who's been featured on this blog before. I noticed in this brand new set that he's even bigger and beefier than before. Levi is the object of his affection.

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13 November 2016

Speedo Sex

These two lads are so turned on looking at each other sunbathing in the back yard they get carried away. If any of their neighbors are looking out the window, they're being treated to a great show.

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12 November 2016

Tenth Floor Conference Room

The always hot Rafael Alencar and Dirk Caber steal some time away from their busy work day for fifty minutes of hot sex in a conference room. I suspect anyone using that room in the following hour will detect the scent of fucking in the air.

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11 November 2016

Bum Biter

The New York Times published a good article yesterday (link here) about how many LGBT are alarmed by the election this week. In my personal experience, and perhaps others are seeing this, too, I've found people are getting more anxious with each passing day since the election as the reality sinks in.

On to the porn. I've posted a nice set today featuring Danny and Gabriel making love. I encourage you to download the set to see all images, and I've posted a sample below. For the time being, I'm only posting one picture from the featured set each day.

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10 November 2016

Darkness Descends

I am not hopeful today for the United States, my adopted nation. While Donald Trump has been all over the map about LGBT rights, his vice president and his party are stridently and hatefully anti-LGBT.

His presidency thus fills me with dread, and I know I'm not alone in this, based on what I've been reading online and hearing from friends. I fully expect his future Supreme Court nominees to vote to discard many hard-won LGBT rights in the coming years, most notably marriage rights. He did not win a mandate -- he actually lost the popular vote -- but I suspect he and his party will act like they did, as happened with George W. Bush.

I am not hopeful for the next few years, but history has some valuable lessons about how defeat can be turned into victory. Richard Nixon won big in 1972 but resigned in disgrace two years later. George Bush's win in 2000 likely helped pave the way for Barack Obama's election and re-election as a response. We end up taking more steps forward than backward with time.

I was sorely tempted to pull the plug on this blog this morning because I was so angry, but I thankfully resisted the temptation. I probably won't be providing my chatty little commentaries for a while, but I'll continue posting photo sets and videos.

Rather than put up seven or eight selections from the photoset featured today, because I'm too glum right now to do that, I'll just post a sample photo below. I encourage you to download and enjoy this cuddly uncut stud as a diversion from our unhappy political situation.

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And thanks people for being here. We need to stick together as we face this uncertain future.

09 November 2016

In the Deep End

This is a very stylish and erotic scene that's considerably better than most porn you'll see. Rafael Alencar is obviously the top here, but I can't recall the name of the movie. If someone knows, please leave a mention in the comments.

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08 November 2016

Erection Day

Christian here is celebrating erection day, which coincidentally is also election day in America. If you're registered to vote, you'll want to do that today if you haven't already.

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