28 November 2016

He Doesn't Care

Notwithstanding Donald Trump has made some comments that show he might be tolerant of LGBT rights, his administrative decisions demonstrate he really doesn't give a shit about LGBT people. His choice of stridently anti-LGBT homophobe Michael Pence as his Vice-President is proof of that.

As he begins rolling out cabinet and other high level administrative picks, his "doesn't give a shit" policy was demonstrated once again with his choice of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. As The Advocate documented in a recent article (link here), DeVos and her family have donated a massive amount to anti-LGBT causes.

This is why I think LGBT rights are in danger under a President Trump, because he'll continue this "doesn't give a shit" policy with his choices of Supreme Court justice nominees as well as nominees to all other federal courts. Whether or not a potential nominee is pro- or anti-LGBT won't even register on his radar.

So he'll pick people for other reasons, and if they happen to be anti-LGBT, as many of them are on the pre-approved Heritage Foundation list he's promised to use, he won't give a shit. LGBT rights will be tossed out the window.

Moving on to a more cheerful topic, Alex Mecum has been featured here before in this blog (archive here). He's back today in a new photo set.

I like Alex because he doesn't look like a porn star but, instead, an average handsome bloke who keeps in shape and could be a lawyer or a bank manager. That might be because he doesn't have any tattoos or piercings and has an ordinary, cleancut look.

He's in his late twenties, 6'0, and 195 pounds. He's originally from Utah and broke into solo stroke porn in 2013 and graduated to hardcore scenes in 2015, usually as a top, which is also his off-screen preference.

He's known in the porn business as a prodigious cummer and shoots copious loads all over the place. He said in a recent interview that he deliberately does not cum for at least four days before a porn scene so that he can deliver a bountiful cumshot.

The watermarked originals for the photos shown below are much larger than seen here and are part of a big collection with more than three hundred fifty photos of Alex in eleven different shoots, some while fucking other lads and others with him stroking his big beautiful cock all alone. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

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