31 March 2014

Lost Puppy

Found, one mischievous pup that seems to have wandered away and become lost. He was picked up wandering through an alley at three in the morning, wearing only a semen-drenched T-shirt.

Answers to Skippy -- when he feels like it. Something of a picky eater; the only thing he really seems to like are cum and Oreos (but not together).

Will need some firm discipline and regular workouts as he cannot stop playing with himself. He's definitely affectionate and loves to cuddle. This one could have real potential, particularly when older.

To examine big photos of this pup in much greater detail, be sure to click here.

30 March 2014

Father Pavel's Secret

Father Pavel makes one hot looking priest. If the clergy looked like this and did what he did, I would definitely change my opinion about organized religion.

If you can't see the video box below, please click here to watch on the source site.

29 March 2014

Hung and Hungry

The two tops here are a bit on the skinny side, but they demonstrate that lean lads are often well hung. They're also insatiably horny and that's just what the slutty bottom needs.

If you'd rather view on the source site, please click here.

28 March 2014

Bound and Helpless

IMHO this picture is ten times hotter because he's bound to the table. He can now be used and edged and milked for hours, and he'll be powerless to do anything to stop it. If he begs, that'll make it all the much more fun.

Please, no more. Please don't jack me again. My balls feel so hot and swollen as it is. I can't believe-- please no, please take your hands off me. Don't do that with your tongue! Oh damn, now I'm rock hard again-- please let me cum this time, won't you please? My balls ache so badly--

I'm guessing his underwear ripped during one of his hours-long hard-ons. Click here to see and save in a larger size.

27 March 2014

Joe College Grows Up

The bigger top here is the one who catches my eye. Yes, he's still a little too young and twinkish, but he looks a lot different now than he did a few years ago, when he was slim and androgynous. Males in their twenties can be fun to watch as they grow from boy to man. Give him about a decade and he should be all the hotter, as long as he keeps in shape.

These Joe College blokes these websites keep finding never cease to amaze me. I'm left wondering what percentage are actually gay and what percentage just go gay for pay. If the first number is much higher than the latter, I can't help but think that I missed out on some prime college ass back in my university days. But maybe they were all so far back in the closet it didn't matter.

These pictures are huge, so click here for a free folder where you can see and save a set of twenty images from this scene.

26 March 2014

The Hirsute Coach

This every gay lad's fantasy in high school and college -- being seduced by the older, wiser, hung coach. He'll never win a handsome man contest, but he knows what to do with his cock, and he has a lean, toned body with plenty of fuzz.

I like this one because it seems more like being a voyeur and seeing some actual fucking as opposed to watching performed and produced porn. I'm guessing this was made in the mid-1980s, given the production values. It's a VHS transfer but surprisingly crisp. If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, please click here.

25 March 2014

Cute Ginger Puppy Needs Home

Cute young ginger pup in need of a good home with some obedience training and necessary discipline. High spirited and sturdy pup appears to be about 20-25 and in good health. Well cared for and will grow into an impressive adult dog at about 35-40 as long as rigorous training continues.

Would do well in a home with an older male dog to provide structure, training, and mentoring. While currently living with an older female, seems to prefer older males. Pup knows basic commands and is an eager learner more than willing to please. Answers to the name of Sparky.

To see the pictures below of Sparky in full-size format please click here.

24 March 2014

Thick Kurt

I was searching recently for any new videos that Kurt Rogers may have done, and I was sorry to see that he seems to have retired from porn. He was an insatiable sex machine who clearly loved to fuck. Hopefully someone somewhere is keeping him spent and happy in the bedroom.

Click here to see the entire set and to save each photo. And here's a link to a video posted a while back featuring Kurt beating his meat and giving himself a blowjob.

23 March 2014

Locker Room Hookup

The dialog is lost in translation, but I'm guessing this story involves a victorious fighter and one of his fans providing some needed relief in the locker room. Of course, it's porn, and we're not watching for the story.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, please click here.

22 March 2014

The Cocksucking Stalker

An eagle-eyed reader found another Marcus Ruhl flick on the Xvideos site. This time he has a stalker who wants his cock, and Marcus is more than happy to give it to him.

I'm pretty sure the opening scene was shot on the UCLA campus. I wonder if the producers got a film permit for that or pretended they were film students. (Even students are required to obtain film permits.)

The music is a hoot. I have to think this was sourced from some older original, given that cheapo porn budgets don't usually include fully orchestrated sound tracks. Either that or they just blatantly ripped it off from another source.

This scene also has a curious continuity error. When Marcus enters the storeroom, he's wearing tennis shoes. But seconds later when his fan starts to suck his cock, Marcus mysteriously is wearing dress shoes. They're magic shoes, that's it!

If you want to watch on the source site, you'll need to click here.

21 March 2014

Men du Jour

Men du Jour is a great new blog with a strong erotic focus. The blogger selects really hot images that display a nicely intense erotic sensuality. If you don't have a boner after surfing the site, then I think there's something wrong with your inner horndog.

The picture below is one that caught my eye straight away. I wonder why? If you click here, you can see him full-size in Widescreen Boner-Vision.

20 March 2014

The Fireman's Hose

I suspect he's a model and not a real fireman. But sometimes firemen do a bit of modeling on the side, so there is a chance he's the real thing.

His hose is what my eyes find first. I prefer my firemen with all-natural hoses. I'd like to play with his pumper and hose.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so right click to see and save or click here for a free folder with the four of them.

19 March 2014

Marcus Top and Bottom

In light of my oversight in never featuring Marcus Ruhl on this blog, I hunted on the video sites to see what I could find. I was pleased to locate scenes with him both bottoming and topping.

If you want to watch on the source site, click here for Marcus topping and here for him bottoming.

18 March 2014

Big Marcus

I've been doing this blog for more than five years, but somehow I've neglected to do a post about Marcus Ruhl. He's a big hot slab of manstud, with muscles in all the right places, a perfect "T" body, and a moviestar handsome face. He's also versatile and both bottoms and tops, not to mention that he also appears in straight porn. What's not to love?

These photos are truly massive -- if you have a vertical screen, they'd be perfect screensavers. Some of you on slower connections may find they won't load on this page, but it you click here, you can see and save them in their original size.

17 March 2014

Anonymous Amateur Abs

Thank you seven hot anonymous studs for sharing your fantastic abs photos with the whole internet. And bonus points for you lads who also showed your cocks.

We know you're too shy to show your faces. You're clean-cut, wholesome blokes who lead quiet, ordinary lives and don't want your secret horny nature revealed to your coworkers, family, and friends. We understand.

All the photos are larger than they appear below, some a little, some a lot. So click here to see and save a free folder with all of them.

16 March 2014

Three Brothers

Three of the lads in this video are actually brothers in real life -- the resemblance is unmistakable. They don't engage in any actual incest, but it has to be a bit weird fucking in front of your own brothers. Not that that would stop me, if I had a brother.

If you'd rather view this on the Xvideos site, you'll want to click here.

15 March 2014

Peter's Johnson

Back in 2010, I featured two posts of still photos with pornstar Peter Johnson here and here (the downloads are defunct on the second one). I was wandering through the video porn sites and spotted this hot flip-flop video with him, so I knew I had to post it. He looks furry and fantastic as always.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, you'll want to click here.

14 March 2014

Ginger Snaps

I had a dish that included ginger at a meal over the weekend, and that got me to thinking I haven't featured a redhead post in a while. What constitutes a "ginger" is as subjective a definition as what constitutes a "bear."

In my thinking, a ginger should be redder than he is blond or brunet. His pubes are the biggest key, because they tend to be his real hair color while the hair on his head may be affected by the elements or hairstyling. Nothing warms the groin like seeing a lad with fire-red pubes.

As usual, all the pictures below are larger than they appear here. To see and save them, plus more in a free folder with two dozen naked ginger lads, be sure to click here.