30 April 2014

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

These two cowboys seemingly overslept on the day of the big cattle drive, so left alone back at the ranch, they hold a sort of drive of their own. The top bullstud here, uncut Dillon Buck, is actually British, so he must be an import to the ranch.

If you'd rather watch at the source site, you'll need to click here.

29 April 2014


A video post from last week raised the question in the comments of who the big lad was topping his mate with gusto. The answer is that he goes by the name of Cameron in porn. He's 6’4 and 215 pounds.

I think he's the sort of bloke who will really come into his looks when he's in his late thirties and older. A bit of snow on the mountain whilst he's still tall and ripped -- now that would be fantastic.

I've always had a weakness for tall, strapping men so Cameron really rings my chimes. If you'd like to access and download twenty large images of Cameron, be sure to click this free link.

28 April 2014

Cocks in Socks

The last few weeks have seen a bounty of selfies featuring hot lads wearing nothing more than socks over their cocks. This trend is not because of some astronomical convergence but, instead, the result of an online campaign from London to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

Of course, we should all be self-examining our boys on regular occasion to make sure they have no suspicious lumps. I hope you do the same. Alternatively, you can ask the special man in your life to do this for you.

Or, you could ask a perfect stranger in the gym locker room. Just pick the hottest bloke there, and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out. And, of course, you should also offer to reciprocate the favor.

If you'd like to download a free folder with forty selfies of hot lads wearing only socks on their cocks, please click here. For the folder with these images below in a larger size, please click here.

27 April 2014

Chad FuckFest

Chad Douglas was a megahung porn legend. If you've seen any smut from the 1980s or 1990s, chances are you've seen him. Three years ago, I posted some links to three hot video clips with him; two of those are still active.

I recently spotted two more Chad videos online, so I'm linking them here. Both are classics. The first shows him deflowering a curious but nervous paperboy. The second shows Chad in a martial arts studio, first boning a student, and then sucked by three eager groupies.

The triple suck is truly memorable. If that doesn't make you hard, then I suggest you seek immediate medical help. Two years ago I featured stills from this video, and now I'm glad I can feature the video link, too.

For a direct link to the paperboy vid, click here, and for the triple suck vid, click here.

26 April 2014

The Horny Detective

The story here seems to be that the younger lad reports a theft to a detective, and then makes a pass at him, which succeeds. The lean, fuzzy, muscled detective then pounds his ass.

I think the moral to this story is: report all crimes to hot detectives. Even if there isn't even really a crime. Just so you can make a pass at the detective. He'll pretend to be reluctant but give in within two minutes.

Now who says porn isn't instructive? If you'd rather watch on the source site, you'll want to click here.

25 April 2014

Genuine Ginger

Get rid of the tattoos and shorten his sideburns a bit, and this pup looks like he could have walked out of the 1950s. He looks more like Jimmy Olson than the one they actually cast in the old TV series.

I think I wrote here once before about how, when you fuck a redhead, his skin will often redden and sort of glow. It's a wonderful thing. And cum looks fantastic sprayed across his translucent white skin, particularly on his face. Freckles with a cum chaser.

To download larger versions of these photos from a free folder, with a few more thrown in, be sure to click here.

24 April 2014

Cadillac Cowboy

I wish I could remember the title of the film from which these stills were taken. If memory serves me correctly, it was made sometime in the early 1980s.

I seem to remember one of them fucked the other doggy style whilst the latter held on to the fender. Or maybe I'm just extrapolating that imaginary portion in my memory. Either way, I recall it was a pretty hot scene.

If anyone knows more, please feel free to shout out in the comments. And if you'd like to access a complementary folder with the larger-size original images seen below, be sure to click here.

23 April 2014

Hot Fuck Between Friends

This one's a scorcher. Start with two hot, well hung studs. They kick things off by feeling each other's muscles. Pretty soon, one ends up with his cock in the other's mouth. The real fun begins.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, please click here.

22 April 2014


Thanks to the several readers who supplied an identity for the hot Mississippian the other day, named Abel Albonetti, and in particular the one reader who furnished the photos which appear below.

Abel is 24, stands 5'10, and weighs 178 pounds. He's a personal trainer and model.

These pictures, which are larger than they appear below, are part of a set with more than two dozen provided to me by the generous reader. To download for free, please click here.

Please note I am currently abroad and am having difficulty approving comments on the Internet connection I'm using. If I can't figure a work around, I'll approve them once I return home. I can read them, but the approval screen is not working on this connection.

21 April 2014

Ace in the Hole

For whatever reason, I tend to use blunt terms for buttfucking. Not much "doing anal" or "making love" or "in the backdoor" in my vocabulary. I'm more likely to say "fucked up the ass" or "assfucked" or something similar. Perhaps this verbal frankness is subconscious rebellion against my British upbringing.

I do know that when I look at porn with one bloke fucking the other, I want to see at least one of their faces and preferably both. I always want to see the bottom's face. Perhaps I want to gauge if the emotion displayed is true to his body language -- is it real or he just faking it?

If you'd like to see and save the full-size photos of these lads below, you'll want to click here.

20 April 2014

Time to Bottom

Thanks to the golden retriever reader who found another video featuring Scott aka Ryder topping another lad. Once again, he does not seem at all reticent about poking his pecker in another bloke's bunghole.

Now I think it's time for this stud to bottom. Real men have no problem taking it as good as they give it. But in light of the fact he does not seem gay-for-pay, maybe he's already taken quite a few cocks up his ass and the porn producers are just holding out on the public for a while.

If you'd rather view on the source webpage, you should click here.

19 April 2014

The Woodcutter

This lad can't cut wood for shit, but he's a hot one. My boyfriend and I volunteer to take him on a camping trip to show him some proper forestry skills. And then we'll adjourn to the tent to put his ass and mouth to good use.

If you want to view at the source site, please click here.

18 April 2014

Power Tool

Curiously, I find this picture very erotic, and I'm not sure why. It really turns me on. It has something to do with the drill. Perhaps that's an unexploited porn sub-subgenre waiting to flower: naked studs wielding tools.

I see a photo series in my head: rugged, muscular men, all naked and half hard, holding a tool in a slightly threatening way. Men with big hammers, wrenches, saws, power nailers, arc welding equipment, and more. They should also be grimy and sweaty. They've got cigars in their mouths or a trace of a leer on their lips. They'll use their tools to get what they want.

Better yet, it's a video series. Hapless, passive white collar males find themselves unexpectedly in the company of naked, half-hard, grimy naked men, beaded with sweat, wielding dangerous tools.

Click here to see the photo in a larger size.

17 April 2014

Morning Rituals

My boyfriend and I have a house rule that if one of us has to be out the door at a specific time in the morning for some important function, the other may not attempt to seduce him into a detour. So that means no sexy talk, no shared showers, no romantic moves, and the like.

We have to act like two straight men that particular morning and put all thoughts of sex out of our minds. Otherwise, we would end up going at it like lusty dogs, and then cause the earlier riser to be late.

He had to be up very early last week one morning. I had to pee but he was still in the shower. I could see him through the partially open door, soaping his ass and washing his junk in the shower. That gave me a hard on but I didn't want to enter the bathroom as that would violate our rule.

I went down the hall to use the guest bathroom. But with a raging boner, I couldn't pee. I had to think about something else for a few minutes until my erection subsided. So I know exactly how the bloke in the last picture feels.

The originals for these pictures below are larger than they appear, so to access a free folder with the bigger versions, please visit here.