30 September 2013

His Hungry Hole

My boyfriend arrives home again on Wednesday from a long business trip. He's not a native English speaker, but he's picked up all sorts of filthy language from me.

Sometimes he will text me when he's waiting at the airport to make his connection. "My hole is hungry," he might write. Often he sends messages like this from overseas.

I wonder what the NSA thinks of them? Better yet, does any NSA contractor get a thickening in his crotch when he reads them?

29 September 2013

My Brother-in-Law Seduced Me

I call porn like this "semi-vintage" because it's from another era but not truly old enough to be vintage. In the mainstream movie business, "high concept" refers to any movie that can be described in a sentence or even by its title alone.

So this definitely is "high concept porn," because the title tells you the plot: some bloke is seduced by his allegedly straight brother-in-law. And what a hot brother-in-law he is and what a hard pounding he gives his sister's brother.

To view on the Xvideos site, please click here.

28 September 2013

Monster Cock Sandwich

Whoever posted this on the Xvideos site titled it "Monster Cock Sandwich." That's a bit of hyperbole. The lads in question are above average in cock size, but they're not freakishly huge, either. Nevertheless, the bottom gets a good dose of what he needs, and the video is pretty darn hot.

To watch at the Xvideos site itself, you'll want to click here.

27 September 2013


This works like a video installation piece in an art museum. This would be freaky to have this on five stacked wide-screen plasma TVs in a room.

It's at once mesmerizing and erotic, like sex in paradise, where you never tire and you go for days on end without interruption.

26 September 2013

Evolved Erotica

I believe all of these photos started life in color, but then they've been creatively manipulated to have more of a fine-art black-and-white look. That takes more than just selecting the "convert to grayscale" feature on a graphics program because tone, density, contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma correction, and more must also be calibrated and adjusted.

All of these came from the great Tumblr blog InkeDick where the host curates a mixture of nothing but black-and-white photos of men, everything from G-rated fare to X-rated erotica. Some began life as monochrome but others have been creatively reworked. I definitely recommend the site.

25 September 2013

Three's Company

I particularly like the way this video opens, and it remains pretty hot all the way through. If you've never had two eager blokes working on your cock at the same time, I highly recommend it. I can't recommend it enough, in fact.

To view directly on the Xvideos site, please click here.

24 September 2013

The General Contractor

This hot little set of amateur self-portraits are intriguing. Some of the backgrounds on these images and others of him I've seen of him lead me to wonder if he's some kind of general contractor.

While many people may not, I like the idea of a general contractor who gets naked on the job and whips out his special tool. He also looks like the kind of lad who wouldn't quite give a shit if he was caught beating his meat.

23 September 2013

The Nearly Nude Syndrome

If you're an Arrested Development fan, you know about the Never Nude Syndrome. Tobias F√ľnke, one of the characters, suffers from this malady and can never remove all of his clothes, even when alone, and thus he is "never nude."

I sometimes wonder if certain male models suffer from Nearly Nude Syndrome, which might be classified as the inability to show their entire cock in a photo shoot. They can show most of it, but for some reason, they can't quite go the whole organ.

Is this because they fear certain people might mistakenly think of them as "porn stars" because they showed their whole cock without obscuring it in some slight way? Or that their mothers will be shocked because they showed everything, as opposed to "only" 90 percent of the shaft and part of the glans?

As is almost always the case with this blog, these photos are larger and can be seen in their original size by right clicking each one.

22 September 2013

Jason and Tod Get Down

Tod is my favorite of the two here. He's the ginger/blond one with the beard and hairy chest. I wouldn't slam the door in Jason's face, but his lover is the one who makes my crotch stiff.

You can view this directly on the Xvideos site by clicking here.

You can view this directly on the Xvideos site by clicking here.

21 September 2013

A Thing of Beauty

This one definitely floated my boat. Three muscular men consumed by lust. There may be a bit of pain, but it's all consensual and a good time was had by all.

To watch on the Xvideos site itself, please click here.

20 September 2013

How's It Hangin'?

I found these on an porn forum so I know nothing more about him. They're obviously amateur images. I want to know if that joystick is any larger when he gets hard. Is he a "show-er" or a grower?

I know some of you won't like those tatted arms, but I think they work for him. They emphasize his musculature and give him a bit of a superhero look. I think I'd prefer him with different glasses, but I like the geek/scholar/rocker/musclestud combination. He can read Camus in French and is multi-orgasmic.

He looks like he's a good boy from Monday morning to Friday at sundown. And then he's a totally wild animal over the weekend. I suspect he's mostly straight, but if you get him high enough, he'll let you do almost anything to him.

Sure, dude, you can fuck me in the ass as long as I can keep eating her snatch.

19 September 2013

In Your Face

I am consistently impressed with the high quality of promo photos released by Raging Stallion. Many porn studios give out poorly done stills cluttered with huge watermarks but not RS. I like the sharp focus with the "in your face" view of intimate happenings.

These are shots of Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes, and Adrian Toledo from one of their new flicks, Sexo en Barcelona, which has like two minutes of travelogue wrapped around two hours of hot fucking.

This scene deals with Adrian playing an escort who arrives to shag the other two lads. Trouble is, in real life, most escorts won't service more than one bloke at a time.

I know some of you won't like all that ink. But when you turn out the lights and amp up the sexy time, I promise you won't even notice them.

And as often is the case here, these photos are huge. Right click to see and save the original massive size.

18 September 2013

You're So Big

Many thanks to the reader who found this on the Xvideos site. I won't post the names of the players to keep search engines at bay. You can see their names in the credits at the beginning.

The story here is paper thin, but I guess we're supposed to believe that the pup is a virgin or at least has never been with a man before. One look at proofs for some porn DVD covers and he's off to the races. Special appearance by the magic condom.

If you want to watch on the Xvideos site directly, click here.

17 September 2013

Big Bag o' Nuts

This pup is too young for my taste, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take him home and corrupt him if offered the chance. I could definitely handle seeing my hard dick face-fucking that cherubic mouth. In ten or fifteen years, he'd be more in line with the kind of bloke I favor.

I included him here because he has a commendable set of testicles on him. I love seeing a lad with plump, full balls. It would be great to watch him wandering naked around my house, his oversized bag shifting back and forth with each stride.