30 September 2013

His Hungry Hole

My boyfriend arrives home again on Wednesday from a long business trip. He's not a native English speaker, but he's picked up all sorts of filthy language from me.

Sometimes he will text me when he's waiting at the airport to make his connection. "My hole is hungry," he might write. Often he sends messages like this from overseas.

I wonder what the NSA thinks of them? Better yet, does any NSA contractor get a thickening in his crotch when he reads them?


  1. Anonymous16:15

    Pic# 2 and 6, are simply beautiful.. I love powerful legs and nice set of balls..

  2. Anonymous04:49

    My partner and I like to find new and creative ways to express our horniness via text message! I've also become quite adept at posting messages on his FB page for all to see that are just dirty enough for most people to understand, but vague enough to plead innocence. :)


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