10 September 2013

Tall, Dark, and Exotic

This lad is younger than usually featured here, but he has a very interesting look, nice physique, and commendable cock, so I decided to include him. I also think it's interesting that his race is not easy to determine. Is he black? Southeast Asian (or "Indian" as they say in the US)? Hispanic? Middle Eastern? A mixture of several?

I do know this: I would happily pop his cherry. I think a gangbang might be the best way to do that, and then we could all dump our creamy white loads over his beautiful skin.


  1. Anonymous17:39

    he looks latin, anyway, he's adorable, young, muscled, gorgeous smile and a absolutely gorgeous cock with a perfect head to lick and worship. WOW!!!! great post.

  2. Anonymous02:39

    "Arthur" from Sean Cody.

  3. I know it's considered more sexy to growl, squint, and frown. But I think a smiling lad is always hot.

    Leo G.

  4. In the video these pics were taken from, they asked him his ethnicity. They're tone sounded just as curious as that of this post.
    He answered that he's Colombian but didn't elaborate.

  5. He's a spray tanned white guy. My guess is eastern European decent and raised in New England.

  6. hes a white guy with a spray tan. I would guess Eastern European descent (jewish) and grew up in New England (photo confidence).

  7. Anonymous10:06

    If he is Jewish, oy, is he hung..

  8. Anonymous23:47

    His teeth scare me! They are entirely too white! They probably glow in the dark!

  9. Anonymous06:08

    shall I know his name and few more photographs.


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