06 September 2013

The Viking

This bloke is originally from Finland and now lives in Nevada. He's in his early forties and stands five ten.

He makes his living as a stripper and sometimes performer in straight porn. He alternatively goes by the name The Swan and The Viking. I haven't been able to find what name he uses when appearing in straight porn.

He is scorching hot and about as close to perfect as you can get. I suspect he does a little mowing in his crotch area, and if so, I'd prefer to see him with a big natural bush of untrimmed pubes.


  1. Anonymous10:17

    Check out his porfolio on Model Mayhem


    (hope it's allowed to post a link?)

    1. No problem if links are non-spam. MM was down when I wrote this post so I didn't see some of those shots. The MF ones suggest he's a grower, too.

  2. He's from Finland? I'd love to Finnish with him anytime.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous18:25

    I am with you, Mr. Viking is "scorching hot". Love the first pic, look at that side view of his powerful arm. I would feel well protected.

    Like the 2nd pic too, would love to wake him "up" by giving him a great BJ, on that nice slightly curved cock.

    He's making some lady very, very Happy..


  4. Anonymous07:57

    Well I'm selfish, I wish he would make this man (me) very very happy:) I would go places on that man that most women wouldn't even dare..hehehe


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