26 September 2013

Evolved Erotica

I believe all of these photos started life in color, but then they've been creatively manipulated to have more of a fine-art black-and-white look. That takes more than just selecting the "convert to grayscale" feature on a graphics program because tone, density, contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma correction, and more must also be calibrated and adjusted.

All of these came from the great Tumblr blog InkeDick where the host curates a mixture of nothing but black-and-white photos of men, everything from G-rated fare to X-rated erotica. Some began life as monochrome but others have been creatively reworked. I definitely recommend the site.


  1. Anonymous08:42

    WOW!!!!! All very hot pics.. some nice beefy hairy dudes:):)


  2. You're right. Changing these stills from color to black and white does seem to class them up. They go from raunchy porn to meaningful art with the simple removal of color.

    Leo G.


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