18 September 2013

You're So Big

Many thanks to the reader who found this on the Xvideos site. I won't post the names of the players to keep search engines at bay. You can see their names in the credits at the beginning.

The story here is paper thin, but I guess we're supposed to believe that the pup is a virgin or at least has never been with a man before. One look at proofs for some porn DVD covers and he's off to the races. Special appearance by the magic condom.

If you want to watch on the Xvideos site directly, click here.


  1. Anonymous08:47

    Ahhh YES. . .. very HOT vid clip. Love that Austin Wolf guy. . and the bottom guy is pretty hot as well. I think you posted this vid not long ago didnt you? I know I taped it a few weeks ago and I believe from your site.. but its worth taping again just to make sure I have it. .TWICE. Grrrrrrrr

    1. Anon, I did not feature this clip before. I have featured clips recently with both of these blokes, but not together. They were shagging different lads in the other clips.

  2. That was absolutely hot from beginning to end! The gentle neck and ear kissing sent me over the edge. Why can't I ever look out of my window and see two gorgeous guys making out?

    For someone who has never "seen anything like this before" and says "there is a first time for everything", the little dude sure did fall into the chair without too much coercion. He even gave a few orders of his own to the hot Mickey Mouse tattoo dude.

    Gotta love those magic appearing/disappearing condoms.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous00:04

    My very favourite part, apart from all the muscly sex, was the person washing the windows across the street all the way through the cum shots - is it just me, or did it take a looooong time to get the streaks off that glass?

  4. Anonymous13:52

    A.W. smoking hot as ever!!!

  5. Mr. Anonymous (above) has very good eyes. I didn't notice the widow washer. Nice job.

    You know Gladys Kravitz, across the street, was just pretending to wash the window. It would have been more inconspicuous of Gladys to stand perfectly still and just enjoy the show. I'm sure the fellows would not have minded performing for a fan.

    Leo G.

  6. Anonymous07:30

    This is one of the best vids, i have seen lately, both are great, i want them both


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