15 September 2013

Down in the Basement

This excellent scene ably demonstrates that you don't need a lot of frills to make exceptional porn. This was shot in a real boiler room down in a real basement and that contributes to the authenticity. It seems like you've just walked in on two hot janitors who just can't control themselves.

You can access this flick directly on Xvideos here.



  1. Anonymous06:56

    Many thanks. I don't think I've ever seen a coupling of Jake Deckard and Arpad Miklosh. And I guess I never will again. Much to everyone's regret, Arpad commiited suicide within the past year. What a loss!

  2. Nice.

    What are the chances that both janitors would forget to wear underwear on the same day?

    I wonder if they cleaned up after themselves or if they left their mess for the next shift.

    Leo G.


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