19 September 2013

In Your Face

I am consistently impressed with the high quality of promo photos released by Raging Stallion. Many porn studios give out poorly done stills cluttered with huge watermarks but not RS. I like the sharp focus with the "in your face" view of intimate happenings.

These are shots of Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes, and Adrian Toledo from one of their new flicks, Sexo en Barcelona, which has like two minutes of travelogue wrapped around two hours of hot fucking.

This scene deals with Adrian playing an escort who arrives to shag the other two lads. Trouble is, in real life, most escorts won't service more than one bloke at a time.

I know some of you won't like all that ink. But when you turn out the lights and amp up the sexy time, I promise you won't even notice them.

And as often is the case here, these photos are huge. Right click to see and save the original massive size.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous14:41

    I like an artistically done tatoo that complements the body instead calling to much attention to itself.

    There's often so much ink that it just blurs together and ends up being visual clutter for me.

    Don't know if this is widespread, but at some point the way to stand out will become "ink-free" Big V


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