08 September 2013

X-Rated Muscle

I was in the mood for some big muscle porn, and Xvideos came through as hoped. Thanks to whoever originally posted these.

The first lad spends the first seven or so minutes posing, but once he whips out his cock, he looks magnificent whilst strutting around with it hard as a rock. Many times big muscle lads are not well hung, but he's the exception. Here is the direct link to that video on Xvideos if you want to watch over there.

Second up is a well known classic featuring cowboy musclestuds. Whoever posted it quite possibly did so without permission, so it may not last long. If you'd like to watch instead over at the video site, please click here.


  1. Anonymous18:29

    great clips, totally worship bodybuilders, oh and when their gorgeous muscles flex as they shoot their load of liquid muscle, their superhuman stallions, ment to be totally worshipped. WOOF!!!!! great post. more bodybuilders please.

  2. The 'cowboy' video is Muscle Ranch, featuring Jake Tanner (now retired) and the late Ed Dinakos.

  3. Anonymous23:18

    Thank you thank you thank you! I'm a big fan of muscle porn, and these did the trick.

    Really enjoyed the first guy; very sexy to watch. Especially those quads!! Loved the shots where you're looking up at him as if he's towering over you.

    Too bad the second one didn't last longer. I love classic muscle porn, all shaved, tan, and oiled. Aesthetically so much more pleasing.


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