23 September 2013

The Nearly Nude Syndrome

If you're an Arrested Development fan, you know about the Never Nude Syndrome. Tobias Fünke, one of the characters, suffers from this malady and can never remove all of his clothes, even when alone, and thus he is "never nude."

I sometimes wonder if certain male models suffer from Nearly Nude Syndrome, which might be classified as the inability to show their entire cock in a photo shoot. They can show most of it, but for some reason, they can't quite go the whole organ.

Is this because they fear certain people might mistakenly think of them as "porn stars" because they showed their whole cock without obscuring it in some slight way? Or that their mothers will be shocked because they showed everything, as opposed to "only" 90 percent of the shaft and part of the glans?

As is almost always the case with this blog, these photos are larger and can be seen in their original size by right clicking each one.


  1. Anonymous07:22

    The photo shoot was done at the Bowery Hotel... I can see my apt from one of the pics.

  2. I think the nearly nude is more mysterious and erotic than full on nudity. For example, that last pic - yeah we see his entire cock but it's lie that last moment before we uncover it and devour it.

  3. Anonymous10:26

    Is it not good to leave a little to the imagination?

  4. Anonymous11:14

    Well, apparently this model (whose name is Todd Sanfield) was able to overcome that dreadful syndrome:


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