24 September 2013

The General Contractor

This hot little set of amateur self-portraits are intriguing. Some of the backgrounds on these images and others of him I've seen of him lead me to wonder if he's some kind of general contractor.

While many people may not, I like the idea of a general contractor who gets naked on the job and whips out his special tool. He also looks like the kind of lad who wouldn't quite give a shit if he was caught beating his meat.


  1. I know some of your viewers may dismiss this guy because he is not pretty boy handsome, but I find his look interesting. Although, I have to admit that his facial expression leaves a little to be desired. He almost seems bored with his own erection.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind getting to know him better and seeing where the night led us.

    Leo G.

    1. Anonymous15:36

      Leo, I know what you mean. He looks "blasé".

  2. Anonymous18:04

    holy mother of god that is a beautiful cock!!

  3. Anonymous14:25

    These pictures where taken in his home that he is fixing up and that's why he looks like a contractor. His job involves much more fanes and domanace on his part to keep up his reputation. ;)


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