09 September 2013

A Place of One's Own

Abele Place falls asleep and one can imagine he's dreaming of dick. He's versatile and has appeared in porn both as a top and bottom, so maybe he's dreaming of the day he'll be spit-roasted on video. If that's what he wants, a cock in both holes, then my boyfriend and I are more than happy to offer our services.

I usually don't like to use a lot of horizontal images here, but this lad is just so cute and his fuzzy chest so tempting that I made an exception. All the photos in this post -- like most of the blog -- are much larger than they appear on Blogger. If you right click any photo, you'll see it full-size.


  1. Anonymous10:02

    Oh my I could attack this cutie in so many directions.. I might try to sneak attack him from the back and tongue that nice ass. then go to the front line, and take care of his nut-sack and raging hardon. Then a final assault on those hairy pits. yeah, that will send him over the edge:):)


  2. Anonymous16:46

    Should your offer of services be accepted, have you agreed on which hole each of you will use?

  3. Although the postal service may not approve, I would like to use any one of these pictures as the front of my Christmas card this year. Perhaps I could photo shop myself in bed with Mr. Place.

    Merry Christmas to me...

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous09:07

    Hey Leo, can you send me a Christmas card this year:):)



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