31 March 2009

Real Beverly Hills Cop

This blond god is a real Beverly Hills police officer. If you cast him in a movie as a motorcycle cop, people might think he was too gorgeous to be believable. California, however, has no shortage of splendid gods. I'm bicostal so I spent about half my time in the Golden State. The economy here may be in the toilet whilst the state hovers on the brink of bankruptcy, but the constant parade of prime manflesh more than makes up the difference.

When I'm on the West Coast, I frequently do research at the Beverly Hills Public Library, located in the same complex as the police department. The eye candy parade of gorgeous cops coming and going is well worth the journey. They are always very courteous and polite. Having a fantastically wealthy tax base helps.

Whomever Officer Blond might be, he's sadly married, as is evidenced by that glinting wedding band on his left hand. You can look but you can't touch. Unfortunately, so many gods are straight, married, and unobtainable. And they're always the ones I want the most. I fall hard and, like a fool, I pick myself up and fall again.

30 March 2009


This artistic photograph is charged with so much more raw eroticism than porn. Three young guys, full of testosterone and cum, are beginning to explore each other's bodies. They have no idea where this is leading, but it just feels too damn good to stop.

Did you have an experience like this when you were in high school? I did. Two guys a year older invited me to go camping when we were staying at our summer home. I was secretly thrilled beyond measure. Whilst I didn't yet understand why, just being around them made me feel fantastic. They were the cool jock sorts who would have ignored me back home at school. In a summer resort town, however, clicques and pecking orders were unimportant.

They introduced me to pot, which was an experience in itself. After we drifted down from our high, they introduced me to something else. Take off your clothes like us, they said. The cannabis had extinguished my inhibitions so I did like they did. Then they started touching each other. Their cocks stiffened, as did mine. And then they were touching me, too.

I had entered a whole new world.

29 March 2009

Mysterious Zach

I found Zach on a social networking page. His profile was up for a few weeks, he only added women, and then his profile was deleted. Was he trolling for an extra helping of pussy on the side and his girlfriend caught him? That kitchen clearly indicates a woman's touch, down to the lunchbox collection atop the cupboards.

Zach, however, sports no wedding ring. Does he still live with Mom? He had no age in his profile, but he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties. The short chest hair suggests he shaved some weeks back, perhaps for a bodybuilding competition.

I love the last two photos because they reveal something about Zach's character. The fourth one shows his mischievous, playful side. Zach knows how to party. He's probably shut down a few bars in his day. The fifth is my favorite. He's advertising that tongue. He's telling the ladies what special services he offers.

I needn't draw your attention to that admirable bulge in his trunks. I know you've already given that a close look. As always, you can click on each photograph to see a larger version or right click your mouse on one and select "open link in new tab."

28 March 2009

Dear John

I hope this military god isn't reading some "dear John" letter from his girlfriend back home. If that's the case, however, I stand ready, willing, and able to lend him support, comfort, backrubs, spongebaths, and foot massages. He can cry on my shoulder any day of the week.

I know nothing about him. I found him on a Flickr site with no caption. If I was a poet, I would write a long ode about his fantastic arms and chest.

27 March 2009

Eleven Young Gods

Given that something like one out of three heterosexual males will experiment with homosexual activity with a friend before the age of 25, I've been doing some mental mix and match with the eleven lads below. Who's doing whom?

25 March 2009

Jeff Likes Pussy

I found these self portraits of Jeff on Xpeeps. He's 19, studying geology in college, and says his interests include baseball, pussy, Xbox, pussy, Municipal Waste (that's a band?), pussy, Guitar Hero, and pussy. He goes on to detail in great length what he likes to do to and with women. Jeff seems to have sex on the brain, but what's not to like about that?

Jeff is quite a bit leaner than the kind of guy I tend to favor, but I give him extra points for his relentless obsession with sex. He's so horny, you just know you can talk a guy like this into a little man-to-man action. "Trust me Jeff; we'll both feel a whole lot better if we just jerk each other off for a little bit."

24 March 2009

My Bodyguard

The great blog Ruggedly Handsome featured a picture of this massive stud.

I did some detective work and learned he's a 6"5" bodyguard/personal trainer from London. I haven't yet learned his name. She's a client, not a love interest.

I'm going to hurry up and become really famous so he can watch over me the next time I'm in London.

23 March 2009

Eros, the God of Lust

The mighty gods mocked young Eros. He was small of stature and slight of frame. Young Eros knew, however, how he could silence them. And then shame them. Suddenly one day, he sprawled before them naked as they laughed at him, thinking him clumsy and unsteady.

As he lay before them, he seized his manhood and began stroking it. The gods held on to their sides, unable to contain their mirth at this bizarre lad. But then a hush fell over the pantheon as Eros stroked his organ to a mighty size. He alone laughed as their eyes grew wider whilst his manhood continued to swell to a massive proportion.

"I am Eros," he said with pride. "I am the god of lust, of love, of fucking. I drive men and women wild with desire. I bring them a great pleasure like none of you can. They worship me and my mighty cock."

The gods averted their eyes, for they felt truly shamed in his magnificent presence. They were strong of frame, large of muscle, but when they looked between their own legs, they realized they only had the organs of mere mortals.

"All hail Eros," the whispered in awe. "All hail his mighty cock. He is a true god amongst us."

22 March 2009

Mariusz Pudzianowski

This big slab of godliness is Mariusz Pudzianowski, who has won more World's Strongest Man titles than any other competitor. He's 32, 6'1", and 310 pounds. His nicknames are "Python" and "Big Python." I'm assuming he's straight because he features hundreds of pictures on his website posing with his female fans.

I'm not really a fan of prettyboy bodybuilders because they're really not that strong. Weightlifters and strongmen, on the other hand, are a different story. I have a straight aspiring cage fighting strongman neighbor who's a real sweetheart and as dumb as a box of rocks. He asked me one day if I could take some pictures of him for his social networking page. I was glad to help him out. He's not quite as big as Mariusz, but he's getting there.

21 March 2009

Amateur Hour

Who doesn't love when hot guys post their own amateur pictures online? In the annuls of technology, I doubt that will ever be hailed as one of the benefits of the Internet, but it certainly is one I'd score highly.

To me, amateur images like this are often more interesting than professional stuff. They're all about hot guys looking to be admired and get laid. It's the commerce of cock, the business of fucking. They need to blow a load, and like finely plumed peacocks, they strut their stuff. They have many offers and pick whatever strikes their fancy.

20 March 2009

Real Cops

The pictures below are of real cops. These shots were made for a charity calendar. They don't do anything more than take off their shirts, but that's more than enough for me. I love the look of a well muscled police officer in a snug uniform shirt, the tug of the fabric as it strains across his substantial muscles.

I've already admitted I have a weakness for cops. Perhaps the more unobtainable the man, the more I want him.

I am very involved in neighborhood watch. My neighbors think it's great I volunteer my time to do this. They believe I'm concerned about the community's security. Little do they know. I'm involved because of the two cop gods who are the program liaisons. They're gorgeous, muscular, married, and straight.

One of them called me recently and asked if I'd mind riding downtown with him for a meeting with community leaders. I didn't tell him I'd crawl through ground glass for a chance to go. He looks quite like the fourth guy in these pictures here. He kept his shirt on, of course. That was fine with me. The afternoon with him was heaven.

19 March 2009

David Gandy Rhymes With Candy

I usually don't like fashion models because I think they're too fey and androgynous. I don't care anything about clothes myself and normally wear old jeans and a T-shirt.

You'll probably recognize David Gandy, the guy in these photos. He appears in ads for lots of overpriced clothes. Normally I just flip through fashion ads in magazines, but I always stop at this guy. He's worthy of some attention.

He's British, 6'2" tall, presumably straight because he always appears with women in paparazzi photos. He has an intense fierceness I like. If only he would bulk up a little more. I like my men with some real muscle. I'd make him work hard if he shared an underwear drawer me. But it's not likely that will happen soon.

18 March 2009

The God of Abs

I found him on someone's Tumblr site but know no more about him. His perfect abs speak for him well enough. He knows he's hot, and he loves being a tease. The tanline suggests he enjoys tormenting his admirers at some beach. He could be European, as the phone behind him suggests. All the male photos on the door behind him hint that he's not interested in girls. But unless you have a physique like his, he's not interested in you, either. All you'll ever get is this glance, nothing more. Deal with it.

17 March 2009

Pleasure Beach

Who are you, hot nudist guy? Are you aware that your most private moment has been caught on camera as you lazily play with your magnificent uncut cock? Were you dreaming of pussy or a strapping stud whilst you stroked yourself?

16 March 2009

Deus Ex Machina

Deus ex machina is a Latin phrase that roughly translates as "a god intervenes at an opportune moment." That is certainly the case for this post.

I had already written an entry about the sleeping deity shown in the first photo below. This photo has long fascinated me because I love images of sleeping hunks like this. They are at once so powerful and vulnerable.

Yesterday I was looking through the excellent blog Men of the World, and I spotted the second photo right away. Like who wouldn't? But then I realized the tattoo was very familiar. It was sleeping hunk, playing shy this time.

Who is this magnificent specimen? He's obviously some amateur. Has he been cruising pickup sites, looking for pussy? A guy to service him? Both? I love the tossed-aside gym shorts in the first photo. I have the idea in my mind that the image was shot by a lover after some exhausting bedroom tryst. Did someone wipe off excess cum with those shorts?

You can see the direction my mind wanders when looking at photographs like these. When I was a child in school, teachers frequently chastised me for an over-active imagination. With time, I learned such a meandering mind was a blessing, not a curse. I make my living as a writer, a profession where an over-active imagination is very much an asset.

If you'd like to see larger images of this god, simply right click your mouse on any image and select "open link in new tab."

15 March 2009

Black Belt Anthony

Anthony is an aspiring model from Los Angeles. His social networking profile is very scant on details except that he's straight. There's no doubt he loves females because most of his 4,600 friends are women. He leaves them all sorts of misspelled messages full of sloppily veiled sexual innuendos.

I suspect he's a real black belt because there's a whole protocol in martial arts whereby it's considered a big no-no to lend your rank belt to someone for a photo shoot like this. So Anthony probably can really kick my ass. I don't worry that he'll find I've posted his picture here, however, because he's too busy online looking for pussy.