18 March 2009

The God of Abs

I found him on someone's Tumblr site but know no more about him. His perfect abs speak for him well enough. He knows he's hot, and he loves being a tease. The tanline suggests he enjoys tormenting his admirers at some beach. He could be European, as the phone behind him suggests. All the male photos on the door behind him hint that he's not interested in girls. But unless you have a physique like his, he's not interested in you, either. All you'll ever get is this glance, nothing more. Deal with it.


  1. Anonymous11:56

    that's Mario!


  2. Anonymous15:40

    he is on bigmuscle.com - have seen profile many times, will look for name for you ;)

  3. Sammy20:09

    He is NYCMarioV at bigmuscle.com. He has a few cock pics there.


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