16 March 2009

Deus Ex Machina

Deus ex machina is a Latin phrase that roughly translates as "a god intervenes at an opportune moment." That is certainly the case for this post.

I had already written an entry about the sleeping deity shown in the first photo below. This photo has long fascinated me because I love images of sleeping hunks like this. They are at once so powerful and vulnerable.

Yesterday I was looking through the excellent blog Men of the World, and I spotted the second photo right away. Like who wouldn't? But then I realized the tattoo was very familiar. It was sleeping hunk, playing shy this time.

Who is this magnificent specimen? He's obviously some amateur. Has he been cruising pickup sites, looking for pussy? A guy to service him? Both? I love the tossed-aside gym shorts in the first photo. I have the idea in my mind that the image was shot by a lover after some exhausting bedroom tryst. Did someone wipe off excess cum with those shorts?

You can see the direction my mind wanders when looking at photographs like these. When I was a child in school, teachers frequently chastised me for an over-active imagination. With time, I learned such a meandering mind was a blessing, not a curse. I make my living as a writer, a profession where an over-active imagination is very much an asset.

If you'd like to see larger images of this god, simply right click your mouse on any image and select "open link in new tab."


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