29 March 2009

Mysterious Zach

I found Zach on a social networking page. His profile was up for a few weeks, he only added women, and then his profile was deleted. Was he trolling for an extra helping of pussy on the side and his girlfriend caught him? That kitchen clearly indicates a woman's touch, down to the lunchbox collection atop the cupboards.

Zach, however, sports no wedding ring. Does he still live with Mom? He had no age in his profile, but he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties. The short chest hair suggests he shaved some weeks back, perhaps for a bodybuilding competition.

I love the last two photos because they reveal something about Zach's character. The fourth one shows his mischievous, playful side. Zach knows how to party. He's probably shut down a few bars in his day. The fifth is my favorite. He's advertising that tongue. He's telling the ladies what special services he offers.

I needn't draw your attention to that admirable bulge in his trunks. I know you've already given that a close look. As always, you can click on each photograph to see a larger version or right click your mouse on one and select "open link in new tab."


  1. That kitchen does have a woman's touch - his mom's. The dude still lives at home. Nice package and very, very swallow-worthy.

  2. Anonymous19:15

    He's gay and has a gay porn site with his BF. Its probably a case where someone stole his pics and posted them as themself. But his website is something like guysdevine or something like that.

  3. Anonymous06:15

    His name is Chad or "Chizzad" and he has a boyfriend named Gunner. You can find him on YouTube.

  4. Anonymous18:24

    yeah i think he was on All American Guy and said he was a volunteer firefigher in nc

  5. A remarkably sexist comment about the kitchen - gay men collect lunchboxes too, y'know, and keep their homes looking great!
    Apart from that, fab blog, well done. Hope you escape the insane Blogger cull going on at present, or do you have an alternative site up and ready to migrate to, like lots of the gay guys who've been closed by Blogger ?

  6. There's no way that tongue is advertising his abilities to the ladies. One glance at it and you know he's saying "slide it in, right here".


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