07 March 2009

Amateur Colossus

Helios was a handsome, strapping god immortalized in the huge statue of colossus at Rhodes.

Who is this modern-day Helios towering above us with the thick uncut cock? The mediocre image quality and tacky cottage cheese ceiling strongly suggest this is an amateur photo snapped with a cellphone camera. I found this on another blog who knows when, and the image name is "me semi hard."

Somewhere out there the real "me" exists who snapped this photo. Was he looking for a quick blowjob on a hookup site? If so, he surely did not have long to wait.

And if that's what he looks like semi-hard, how about fully hard? Does anyone have more pictures of this god?


  1. wow! that thing is huge!!!

  2. Anonymous07:17

    Very nice view and very nice piece of corn dog to sup on

  3. Fucking hot....
    i love that guy
    i down on my knees
    if he stands in front of me.


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