19 March 2009

David Gandy Rhymes With Candy

I usually don't like fashion models because I think they're too fey and androgynous. I don't care anything about clothes myself and normally wear old jeans and a T-shirt.

You'll probably recognize David Gandy, the guy in these photos. He appears in ads for lots of overpriced clothes. Normally I just flip through fashion ads in magazines, but I always stop at this guy. He's worthy of some attention.

He's British, 6'2" tall, presumably straight because he always appears with women in paparazzi photos. He has an intense fierceness I like. If only he would bulk up a little more. I like my men with some real muscle. I'd make him work hard if he shared an underwear drawer me. But it's not likely that will happen soon.


  1. He's a stunner. I've seen him in the D&G ads.

  2. RedCedar13:21

    The fashion industry usually prefers that male models not be more heavily muscled than he is. What they do want, however, is for the model's muscles to be well defined. Cut up is highly desired, but the chest should be about 40" or so.

  3. Anonymous10:48

    Have you seen him as Superman? You should post it -- it's HOT:


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