04 March 2009

Central Park Deity

This unnamed god walking through Central Park is something of a dichotomy. The little dog makes me think he's some gigolo walking his keeper's pooch. The hat suggests he's a modern-day Midnight Cowboy. The snug jeans over his muscular thighs hint he might be a dancer on his day off. The broad shoulders and the way he holds out his arms as he walks suggests a seasoned athletic background.

I found this picture on someone's Flickr page so I don't know anything more about him. If you right click on the picture with your mouse and select "open link in new tab," you can see a much larger image of this magnificent specimen. You can also see that nice bulge in his crotch much better, too, if you do that.


  1. Anonymous07:11

    Now there is a "package". Look closely, and enjoy.

  2. Awesome and real and very tasty

  3. Anonymous22:04

    This is porn actor Josh Weston

  4. Anonymous08:28

    Good looking, well endowed but badly dressed!

  5. Anonymous14:55

    I'd do him right through the denim!

  6. Anonymous17:39

    nice bulge, indeed ... his ass probably looks equally impressive


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