27 March 2009

Eleven Young Gods

Given that something like one out of three heterosexual males will experiment with homosexual activity with a friend before the age of 25, I've been doing some mental mix and match with the eleven lads below. Who's doing whom?


  1. Anonymous06:54

    I'm not sure who is doing who. But oddly, I've been with them all!

  2. Anonymous15:25

    The red shirted (nah it's near pink so we'll call him "Pink") stud on the right has been going down on muscled red head next to him every night since Red's sorority pussy broke up with him a couple weeks back.

    From about that position, actually, Red lifting his shirt up for easier access as Pink tugs his cargo pants down to take another load.

    Red's thinking he needs to slip off for a little nap upstairs after the photo . . .

    Pink's gonna follow.


  3. that redhead up front's doing someone...redheads are always highly sexual


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