05 March 2009

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is 32 and from Florida. He's 5'11", weighs 215 pounds, and has a 50-inch chest. He says he has a graduate degree and works in the pharmaceutical industry.

He's hot, he knows he's hot, and he knows you know he's hot. Look at that little wink towards the end of his video. He knows what you want, and he knows you know you're not going to get it. However, he likes that you're thinking that. He can read your mind. Gods are that way. They have superpowers we mere mortals do not.

I love blokes like this, arrogant and sweet at once. He'll tease you mercilessly then blow you a kiss and melt your heart with a smile. Gods have a right to their cocky attitude, so just take what you can get.

I have some still shots of Gabriel I'll post in the future. He likes to pose in his underwear and in coy naked poses with his hand over his cock. My favorite, however, is a shot of him posing in an airport lounge with a rip in the crotch of his jeans whilst flipping the bird -- it's pure sweet arrogance. Gabriel never disappoints in any of his pictures, but that's to be expected of deities.


  1. The little pubes flash at the end with his cock moving around in his shorts was the hottest. Sometimes less is more and this is truly an example of that maxim.

  2. awesome blog! keep up the awesome post

  3. Anonymous21:08

    He can't be human. He is truly a god!

    Sean Scott


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