30 September 2009

Hot Heroes

Perhaps you heard about a stink last year when a New York fireman who posed for a fundraising calendar also appeared nude in a "Girls Gone Wild" video. As a result, the NYFD brass forbade future calendars showing real shirtless fireman, notwithstanding proceeds went to charity.

The public made such a stink that the NYFD honchos somewhat reversed their decision, so there are now actually two calendars published, one showing the firemen but not their full faces, and the other showing their faces but no official logos. (Like who is going to be looking at department logos on hats in a calendar filled with stunning men stripped to the waist?)

Pictured below are some of the blokes who appear in the two different 2010 calendars. For a future edition, I hope they'll include the fireman who stripped to his bikini underwear and dove into the Hudson to save a drowning man. I saw him on the news, and he was stunning.

29 September 2009


This is why I love California. The beach season lasts nearly all year long. You can even go to the beach on some sunny, warm days in winter.

I wonder if he ever goes to Black's Beach?

27 September 2009

Two Men in Love

What a beautiful image. Be sure to click on it to see and save the full-sized version.

26 September 2009

Rick Rude

Rick Rude is a hot new actor in straight porn. He's from Florida, 32, 6'1", and 215 pounds.

25 September 2009

Rule Britannia

Poor confused Eric over at Daventry Blue made the remark recently on his blog, "Who knew a British guy could be so hot?" Whilst some of my fellow countrymen might take great offence at that pejorative bitchslap, I felt it wiser to make this a teaching moment for the unfortunate lad, who obviously has been suffering some sort of ocular delirium.

Perhaps when his eyesight is restored, he might Google these names: Daniel Craig, Hugh Dancy, Wentworth Miller, Robert Pattinson, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Richard Armitage, Jonny Lee Miller, Joseph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Jamie Bamber, Christian Bale, Matthew Macfadyen, Tom Hardy, Sean Bean, John Barrowman, and my personal favorite, Jason Statham. Those are just some names that popped into my head as proof positive that the UK is indeed the fecund womb of male hottiness.

Pictured below is up-and-coming fitness and underwear model Richard, who is British. He's very popular with American casting agents because he "looks" like a California surfer. I do think that's irrefutable evidence that British men are hot -- they have to be imported and fobbed off as Californians. Richard lives in Los Angeles, is 6'1", 188 pounds, and 26 years old.

24 September 2009


Do real blokes ever end up in orgies like this, except when they're paid by porn producers? Does anyone know the name of the lad sitting in the center of the last image?

23 September 2009

Where Are You Donnie?

In June I featured some images from the blog "Famous Like Me," which owner Donnie has since deleted. (His journal was not snuffed during the ongoing Blogger expurgation; he voluntarily pulled the plug.) I miss his weekly "sex sells" feature where he posted hot amateur blokes. Fortunately, I saved another batch of his images -- seen below -- before he did a Kervorkian on the blog.

22 September 2009

Ebon Gods

A variety of sizzling hot men I found on a blog called b.l.a.c.k.

21 September 2009

Big Rig

Truckers seem to fall into two distinct categories: slobs (a significant majority) and hot gods (a meager minority). I don't know if Gus Mattox was ever a real trucker, but if he was, he'd definitely belong to the latter faction.

20 September 2009

Happy Birthday Bo

I read on Bo's Myspace page that it's his birthday. He needs to stop by my house so my boyfriend and I can give him his special present.

19 September 2009

Head Job

I like this video because I think the two lads are hot. I also like how the one bloke keeps rubbing his hands all over the other fellow's head whilst getting sucked. That is a fantastic feeling, whether you're giving or receiving, in the midst of a blowjob. It works best with very short hair.

18 September 2009

Party on, Dude!

This is Kevin. I found him on Flickr, so I don't know anything about him except that he obviously loves a good time. He seems to be at some college in Texas and has an endless supply of drunken women willing to pose with him (and likely do other things, too).

17 September 2009

Shane, Come Back

This is Shane, a sometimes model and aspiring singer from Texas. I featured a photo of him before.

He's 30, 5'11", and 200 pounds. He's straight and extremely religious. His social networking profile includes various Biblical quotes about sexual immorality. He has a very hot older brother who's also very religious. The two of them played football together in college.

One has to wonder about Shane's past. He writes on his profile about how he and his brother "chose to seek to fulfill the desires of the flesh through sensuality and self-indulgence. The pit of sexual immorality held us captive, and it opened a gateway to many other lustful pleasures and improper ways of riotous living."

Oh my goodness.