28 February 2011

Caught in His Own Trap

This photo was originally posted on one of those websites where men upload pictures of themselves fucking their ex-girlfriends. The whole idea is to humiliate the women, but this bloke inadvertently included one of himself photographed by the ex.

He's definitely better than average in the body department and has a nice uncut cock. He's also very much a grower, but because all the hardcore images show him with the woman, I didn't want to include shots of her. Little did he realize that his joke on her now has men ogling his naked body and fantasizing about what they'd do to him whilst he was bent over holding his ankles.

27 February 2011

Double Feature Matinée

The big bloke in the first clip is the one who caught my eye. I don't much like twink-with-twink videos, but I do like when a big lad is paired with a twink -- it reminds me of my vivid fantasies when I was a twink. The second video is short and amusing and something you might like.

26 February 2011

Swing Low, Sweet Ballsack

If there was such a thing as The International Mr. Cock Contest, this lad would certainly be amongst the finalists. I found this great image at the fantastic blog run by Lord Patrick, a seventy-six-year-young gent who also runs the very terrific Visions of Penis.

25 February 2011


I think this bloke is incredibly hot. He has a killer body combined with a sweet choirboy face. If you'd like to watch a larger-screen version of this clip, be sure to click here.

24 February 2011

It Pays to Advertise

I love this picture. It's both artistic and trashy. If some lad was standing bareassed in the loo like this and I walked up to use the other urinal, I don't think I could keep my hands to myself.

23 February 2011

Bo and Tyler

Big slabs of manstud satisfying their primal urges.

22 February 2011


This is Kaloyan from Bulgaria. I couldn't find out much about him except that he's in his late twenties, about 5'10", and has done no modeling before this shoot.

And, yeah, I know what you're looking at. Don't deny it. You want to know how big that thick meaty goodness gets when Kaloyan wants some sexy time.

20 February 2011

Big Alex

I'd like to imagine Alex is a big bottom slut, but I suspect he's probably straight and married because I've seen other photos of him with a wedding ring.

19 February 2011

Trashy Hot

I thought Thom Barron had retired from porn but apparently not. Who knew laborers hung around construction sites wearing leather harnesses under their work clothes?

18 February 2011

Joe College

I think this lad is incredibly hot. I've only seen him in this one solo jerkoff shoot, but if anyone knows of any more porn he's done, please shout out in the comments.

He reminds me of some of the straight blokes I lusted after when I was in college. I recently learned that one of my early crushes, who I was sure was straight, is in fact gay. I don't know if he realized that back then but I don't recall that I ever saw him with a boyfriend.

He lived on another floor of our dorm and was the same year as I was but we were never in the same class together. He was hot, strapping, jocky, with blue eyes and dark hair, and very quiet and serious. I saw him recently and he looks as hot as ever. I looked about fifteen when I was in college, so even if he was a friend of Dorothy, I don't think I would have been his type.

If you'd like to download a free set with forty of his photos, be sure to click here.

17 February 2011

Time Machine

These vintage shots all came from the excellent Tumblr page Amateur Hour, which has a huge archive of vintage smut. Tumblr is a type of blog but more linear and image driven. If you're a vintage porn fan like me, I think you'll enjoy the site.

16 February 2011

You're Fired!

The bloke in the striped shirt, big Spence, just keeps getting hotter and hotter. He can reprimand me like this anytime he wants. If you'd like to watch this in a larger screen version, be sure to click here.

For those of you with timing-out issues on MegaVideo, after starting the clip, pause it for a minute or two to let the cache catch up. That will give it a head start to caching some of the content.

15 February 2011

A Little Incest in the Afternoon

I recognize from the outset that this photoset will not appeal to everyone's taste. If the idea of incest between twin brothers bothers you, I suggest you surf on to another site and come back here tomorrow for something else. If, however, like me you always had a fantasy of a twin brother who also was gay and who helped you seduce hot alpha males, then you'll like these.

14 February 2011

Valentine's Hottie

Blog reader Osiris Cruz sent in these pictures to share for Valentine's Day. I want to bite that candy and see what's underneath. Hope all of you are sharing the day with someone special. I also hope Osiris sends in his pictures to celebrate National Full Frontal Nudity With Everything Showing Day.

13 February 2011

Nick Still Needs Dick

I featured Nick last year in another set. He about as hairy as I am, particularly in the legs and bunghole department. I used to be embarrassed for being hairier below the waist than above but now I'm proud of my fuzz.

I know Nick's done solo JO porn, but has he ever done the nasty onscreen with another lad? Please shout out in the comments if you know. In the meantime, you can download a free set featuring 74 high-quality photos of Nick working out and stroking off here.

12 February 2011

Where's My Cumbrella?

One of my new favorite porn scenes. I'm a bit acrophobic so I don't know if I'd want to be up there on the windowsill. I'd love to be watching them on the ground, though. If you prefer, you can click here to see a larger-screen version of the same video.

11 February 2011

Comin' in the Back Way

These are stills from a vintage stroke magazine called "Comin' in the Back Way." Based on the clothes and hairstyles, I'm guessing this was shot about 1965 to 1970.

A lot of gay porn from that era features street hustlers and the like who were only doing it for the cash, as is obvious in their bored expressions. In contrast, these lads look like they're into man-on-man love.

If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the complete magazine, be sure to click here. The publication features a hardcore story plus other photo sets, one of which includes dull-eyed street hustler types.