17 February 2011

Time Machine

These vintage shots all came from the excellent Tumblr page Amateur Hour, which has a huge archive of vintage smut. Tumblr is a type of blog but more linear and image driven. If you're a vintage porn fan like me, I think you'll enjoy the site.


  1. Anonymous20:30

    Wow, Will! Thank you so much for introducing me to this link! I'll now forgive you for not identifying the performers' names and movie titles of the vintage stills you post. What memories! The fourth picture of Ty Arthur and Eric Clement in the shower, from the 1979 Nova loop, "Soccer Games", has always been one of my porn favorites; sexy and sensual.

  2. Anonymous07:22

    The guy in the 5th picture has a great look in his eyes. He reminds me of Tony Goldwin (Ghost).

    The guy in the 2nd picture ooks like the offspring of Sam Shepherd and Jeff Foxworthy.



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