03 February 2011

Horndog Delight

I love this video. I think you will too. I won't say any more about it and will let you be the judge.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Awesome !!! the short-haired guy is incredibly
    sexy !!!

  2. Anonymous16:46

    I have to rethink all opinions of masculine beauty. They could almost be twins. AND DAMN, do they ever know how to fuck.

  3. Anonymous17:04

    If I am to "be the judge", then I find this video guilty--of making me jizz in my pants. Very hot!

    And speaking of jizz, allow me to throw a little cold water on the fantasy. At 19:00, the gents are covered in cum. At 19:10, they are springtime fresh. Not even a CSI team could find any remaining DNA.

    Just goes to show you that even professional hot porn stars need a break to reload before going at it a second time.


  4. Anonymous09:08

    This IS a hot one, no doubt about it. The handsome bottom really gives himself a workout!

  5. Exitante doble.

  6. Anonymous19:42

    Thats hot.

    I wouldn't mind being in either of their positions.


  7. Anonymous05:02

    Can anyone please tell me which production house did this movie? It s so hot I'm gonna get the DVD!

    And who are their pornstar names?


  8. bottom is david dirdam, top is charly diaz... scene is in a flick from titan... think it's title is 'bad conduct' or 'full access'

  9. Anonymous22:39

    now THAT is how you do porn,they deserve an avn award,i am sick of the movies now a day that show extreme closeups for 97% of the movie,even colt where the stars have the hottest bodies ever,all close ups,and shitty camera angles,why have such stars with hot bods if you never see them?they should take a page from this


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