31 October 2013

Assume the Position

This is one of the hottest amateur shots I've seen in a good long while. Right click to see it in its larger, original size.

30 October 2013

The Cock & Tail Party

I've never been to a cocktail party where everyone had to take a shower afterwards. Obviously I'm moving in the wrong social circles.

To view directly on the Xvideos site, please click here.

29 October 2013

A Wholesome Marine

The smooth lad in the pairing below is Ryan Rose. He's a bit too young for my taste, but I wouldn't chase him home without fucking him first.

He has a squeaky-clean wholesome look about him that you could see him in a 1950s musical. So the contrast is all the more striking when you see him with a fat cock in his mouth and cum on his lips.

You can see in the last photo of the pair below that he has a large US Marine Corps tattoo. He really was a Marine when he looked decidedly more baby faced, as the last photo documents.

He has tons of photos now in his Twitter feed of him getting fucked and fucking some bloke and sucking cock. He also works as a rentboy, and of course appears in gay porn both as a top and a bottom.

I have to imagine he's the real thing and not gay for pay. So I wonder if he realized he was gay when he was still a Marine. He was in during the "don't ask, don't tell" years, so if he was sucking cocks then, he had to do it on the down low.

I always think of these things when I see hot young servicemen waiting for flights at the airport. I wonder how many of those lads aren't thinking of the girl they left behind but the cock they'll be missing.

I'm guessing there is little cocksucking going on in USMC barracks themselves. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.

28 October 2013

Monday Masculinity

Here are some big strapping manly men to make your Monday less mundane. None of these blokes could ever be called a twink, and in my book, that's a good thing. Twinks are fine when you want some candy, but for some real red-blooded meat, you need masculine men.

27 October 2013

Full Canadian Balls

The first two videos here are for Leo and you others who enjoyed the still images in a post here several weeks ago titled "The General Contractor." Now you can see him speak and put that thick cock to good use.

The third video is one I found on Xvideos for lads who may not be into the general contractor. You'll see two big bulls consumed with lust, which is how they should always be.

Direct links to the Xvideos site for the general contractor are here and here whilst the link for the two bulls is here.

26 October 2013

White on Black

When you see an interracial pair in porn with a hung top pounding an eager bottom, more often than not the top is black. In both of these vids, however, the roles are reversed with a generously endowed white lad stuffing his meat into a willing black hole. I like both of them and hope you will, too.

The direct links are here and here for those who prefer to watch on the Xvideos site.

25 October 2013

The Slutty Cowboy

If you want a blowjob behind the grandstand at the rodeo, he looks like a lad who might give you one and more. He's not model hot, but he's what I call "real man hot."

He'd definitely get a second glance from me. If I was a single man, he'd also be the sort of bloke I'd seek out for "blow and go" service.

24 October 2013

Flaccid & Fantastic

I'm pretty sure most of you like to look at hard cocks. But soft cocks are great, too. When you see male strangers, presumably at a "respectable" place like the gym, most if not all are flaccid.

Flaccid men at the gym are often very nice to look at, and frankly part of the reason many of us go. So if you didn't make it to the gym today, here are some lads you may have missed in the locker room.

23 October 2013

Naughty Priest Theatre

Our film festival today explores the life of horndog priests troubled by their celibacy vows. First is a priest who gets very turned on watching a secret orgy. Next up are two confessor-seducing-sinner scenes, with the second turning the confessional into a glory hole. To wrap up our program, a priest seduces his hot altar boy.

For direct links to the webpages where these originally appeared, click here for the orgy-watching priest, here for the confession scene, here for the confessional-as-gloryhole scene, and here for the altar boy's seduction.

22 October 2013

Heavy Equipment

That thing looks like it weighs several pounds the way it flops when he whips it out. He could do some serious damage with his meat, maybe even knock out a bloke on his knees eagerly waiting to suck him, if he's not careful.

21 October 2013

Manbutt Monday

The weekend is over but do not despair. Here are some fine examples of prime manbutt to brighten your Monday morning.

The third picture looks like an amateur photo and also looks like Guy Pearce. Could his wife have snapped this?

Most of these are larger than they appear here, so right click to examine closely and save.

20 October 2013

Casting Call

This would be my fantasy job. A daily stream of dumb lads parading through my office, and I must fuck every last one. I could definitely handle that. The bloke here says he loves to bottom, but he doesn't seem too terribly experienced.

I have no idea if this is real or not. The talent being tested seems like he might have been toward the back of the line when smarts were being distributed. The casting "agent" is obviously Tyler Saint, so no idea why he had to be pixelated, which makes me wonder if this is fake. But the pup seems very nervous, which is a turn-on for me, and does suggest it might be real.

If you'd like to watch this on the Xvideos site, be sure to click here.

19 October 2013

Beach Sex

I've had sex on the beach but not out in the open like this. I've been to several beaches with random cruising, and if you're game, you'll soon be approached by a bloke who wants to suck you or have you fuck him. Then you adjourn to a canyon or into the dunes and get down in private.

Here are some lads who like to get it on and don't care who sees. But in real life, it has to be a really private beach before you can be this bold, I would imagine. If you'd like to see these videos directly on the Xvideos site, please click here and here.

18 October 2013

I Wish I Knew

I don't know anything about him. I found this somewhere online but where I've forgotten. Running the photo through Google's image search turns up no identity.

The crucifix is sort of goofy but that body and shorts are deadly serious. I want to undo those laces with my teeth. If you know who he is, please say so in the comments.

17 October 2013

A Second Look

Bryan Slater has never been my favorite pornstar. It's no reflection on him personally. He simply looks like someone in my past history who is best forgotten, so I avoid those images where he's recognizable.

In these three images, all smoking hot, his face is partially or fully obscured. So he doesn't look like the bloke I know. I can enjoy what's seen here, not what's hidden. The yellow towel one, in particular, is giving me a funny sensation in my mister parts.

16 October 2013

Party in My Pants

I know Ken Ryker had his detractors in his day, but I always found him very hot. He denied being gay for a good long time, then finally settled on saying he was bisexual.

He retired from porn nearly ten years ago and had a few problems with DUI arrests thereafter. Someone has a Twitter page under the name of Ken Ryker but who knows if that's really him. If so, it sounds like he's escorting in New York and Los Angeles, but again that could be just some wanker's fantasy to pretend he's a porn star when he's really an accountant from Dubuque.

As before, if you would prefer to view this directly on the Xvideos site, please click here.

15 October 2013

Seduceable Studs

All of these tempting lads appeared on the very enticing Tumblr blog Digital Binge/Digital Purge, one of a number that I regularly follow. The blogger uses a wide variety of material but rarely are the men uninteresting, particularly the naked ones. I highly recommend the site for regular daily viewing.