31 October 2017

The Opening Salvo

You've almost certainly heard that people closely connected with Donald Trump's campaign were indicted yesterday: Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman, and Richard Gates, the deputy campaign chair and also as a fundraiser for Trump's inauguration.

The news also broke yesterday that George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign official, had earlier pleaded guilty to one criminal charge and is now cooperating with prosecutors. Papadopoulos was prosecuted for lying to FBI agents about his role in colluding with Russian agents to obtain Hillary Clinton's hacked emails.

While the Manafort and Gates indictments and arrests grabbed the majority of media attention, the more damning reveal is the Papadopoulos news, which should terrify Trump. His former campaign worked is spill all to prosecutors, revealing everything he knew about that went on inside the campaign.

This is like Watergate deja vu. Trump repeatedly denied his campaign colluded with the Russians, and Mueller has now destroyed that claim.

Lawfare published a great overview on the big news yesterday (link here).

They make the case concisely: Trump's campaign chair was an unregistered foreign agent of a Putin puppet government and Trump's campaign was colluding with Russian emails to get stolen emails. Trump repeatedly lied about no Russian collusion and it has now been repeatedly documented as having occurred multiple times.

Read the Lawfare piece. It nicely establishes why the news yesterday was just about as bad for Trump as it could possibly be.

Getting Acquainted

Ty's new boss Lucas invites him to his house for a Saturday get-acquainted barbecue. The younger man is happy to attend because he has a whopping crush on his employer. When he arrives, however, he learns he's the only guest and "get acquainted" is not quite what he thought was meant, but he has no complaints whatsoever.

If Lucas looks familiar, he was featured here early in the month. He's another bloke who returned to porn after a years-long hiatus.

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30 October 2017

It's Indictment Time

CNN broke the story on Friday that "a federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation" lead by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal probe into Donald Trump and his associates (details here). Some or all of those indictments could be unsealed today, thus leading to the arrest of one or several members of Trump's administration and/or campaign.

Then again, the indicments may remain sealed for a period of time while Mueller and his team use them as leverage to flip suspects, who will then cooperate in the investigation. Hence, we don't know if something is coming today, but we do know that charges are coming.

Because charges came faster than most people expected, legal experts suspect this means Mueller is using a "rolling investigation" strategy, meaning a group of suspects will be charged, followed by periods of silence for weeks or months, then a new batch of suspects face charges, and so on.

As a former Justice Department official described it (link here), "rather than conduct his entire investigation and then wrap things up with indictments and possibly a report at the end, he is doing it in stages, the way the Justice Department might attack a drug cartel or a mafia family."

Trump waited until Sunday to respond indirectly to the Mueller news with a spate of desperate-sounding tweets with him trying to fabricate a new scandal involving not him, but instead, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton (details here). The only thing he managed to do with this nonsense was to look panicked.

John Cassidy wrote an excellent analysis of the indictment news for The New Yorker over the weekend
(link here). He writes: "five months into his investigation, Mueller has brought a first set of criminal charges. By the standards of recent special prosecutors, that is fast work, and it confirms Mueller’s reputation as someone who doesn’t like to dally. Now that he has started arresting people, there is no reason to suppose he will stop. And that is precisely the message he wants to send."

Stay tuned. This could be a very exciting week. Or possibly we will remain in "wait and see" mode.

Redneck Rutting

The big bruiser top here goes by Damien Stone onscreen, but the trouble with that name is he's one of at least three lads who have done gay porn with the same moniker recently, so I don't have very much info about today's performer. He appears to have primarily topped but has had at least one bottoming role.

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29 October 2017

The Tinpot General

Jack Goldsmith, the former Assistant Attorney General in the George W. Bush administration, wrote an excellent, detailed article (link here) in the October 2017 issue of The Atlantic with the title "Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?" The subtitle gives the flavor of the piece: "He disdains the rule of law. He’s trampling norms of presidential behavior. And he’s bringing vital institutions down with him."

As I've said a number of times before, when a Republican criticizes Trump, we need to listen.

I found this passage to be of particular interest:

Trump "has taken a wrecking ball to customs of civilian–military relations. More than other presidents, he has staffed senior positions with current and former military brass. He has attempted to leverage popular admiration for the military into backing for his policies, such as by signing his initial executive order on immigration in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and by giving political speeches before military audiences. He has even urged soldiers to contact members of Congress in support of his policies, contrary to regulations and customs forbidding them from lobbying. These practices threaten to politicize the military and leave" tattered shreds of the military’s ethics and values in their wake.

The great irony to this is that Trump shirked the draft during the Vietnam War with student deferments and a dubious medical deferment for "bone spurs" which came at the same time he was playing tennis daily. He later admitted in an interview the condition was only temporary and he couldn't even remember which heel was allegedly afflicted, showing this was not a serious condition, if it existed at all.

Republican Senator John McCain commented recently about how young men from wealthy families like Trump could avoid the draft by paying a doctor to write a convenient letter while those less financially fortunate did not, and many paid for that with their lives (details here). McCain, of course, served with distinction in Vietnam and spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war, a fact that Trump contemptuously mocked during the 2016 campaign.

So why is Trump trying to present himself as some military hero when he never served a single day? The answer is obvious -- he's trying to hoodwink people into thinking he's somehow "one of the brave."

It once again proves there is no depth too low for him to stoop.

Chair Porn

The top here is on the skinny side but very nicely hung and knows exactly what to do with his assets. The bottom is a skilled cocksucker who is obviously not new to this rodeo.

If you prefer watching this on the source webpage or to download a free copy to add to your collection, you'll want to click here.

28 October 2017

A Whiff of Collusion

The New York Times broke a story yesterday afternoon (link here) with the title "Talking Points Brought to Trump Tower Meeting Were Shared With Kremlin."

The article ties even closer the links between the Trump family and Trump campaign and the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. It's a complex story, and I won't try to paraphrase it here, but I recommend the read.

Now the Trump apologists are already trying to divert attention away from this revelation and focus instead on what the Kremlin allegedly revealed about one of Hillary Clinton's donors. That's like Nixon apologists trying to justify the Watergate scandal because criminals found something about a Democratic Party donor in a file cabinet whilst they were burglarizing offices and tapping phones illegally.

Chad Is a Slut

Two well-hung tops and a piggy slut bottom. If you were a porn director, you'd have to be a moron to make a bad video with these three horny, eager lads.

If you would rather watch this on the source website or to download a free copy of this scene, be sure to click here.

27 October 2017

The Hater

I happened to be reading a back issue of The New Yorker yesterday that included an article (link here) analyzing how the television show The Apprentice reinvented the failing businessman Donald Trump who had filed bankruptcy six times into an imaginary tycoon.

I found a paragraph from near the end of the article particularly chilling. On the show's fifth season, Trump's daughter Ivanka chastises a contestant who bears a grudge.

Trump interrupts: "Who doesn’t! I do. Nobody takes things more personally than me. When somebody says something personal about me, I hate them for the rest of my life. It’s probably wrong, but I hate people.... I never recover from it."

Wow. That's one badly disturbed man. Someone that emotionally fragile and petty has no business sitting in the Oval Office.


The top in this set, who until a few weeks ago went by Colt on another commercial porn site, recently began appearing as Calvin for a studio new for him. He has the perfect combination of innocent face and body built for sin. As Colt, he both topped and bottomed, so presumably in his Calvin incarnation he'll be versatile, too.

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26 October 2017


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Senator Jeff Flake, the Republican who denounced Donald Trump on the Senate floor on Tuesday, published an op-ed denouncing the President in The Washington Post yesterday (link here) that made the same point I had and used the same quote from Joseph Welch.

Now I can't think that Flake reads this blog, notwithstanding he's probably the current Senator who would look best without his shirt, and he undoubtedly wrote his op-ed before my post went live, but it's nonetheless very interesting he used the same historical incident that I did to make a similar argument.

Read Flake's piece. It's not long. Hopefully his speech on the floor of the Senate will resonate for a long time to come.

Sadly, I could not find any decent-sized shirtless photos of Flake to illustrate this entry, but a small photo in a 2009 article about him (link here) provides a tease. The one I'm using isn't Flake.

Rubbing Billy

Mick has always had a huge crush on his family's neighbor Billy next door. Thus he contrives any reason he can to talk with the older man so he can spend some time with him, even if only a few minutes.

One day out of the blue, he asks Billy if he knows anyone looking to hire someone because he needs a part-time job to help pay his way through college. Mick secretly hopes Billy wants some kind of help at his company, and that could be a great way to spend more time with the object of his desire.

"Sure, kid," Billy responds. "You can give me a massage every day when I get home from work. I'll pay you."

The idea of touching Billy all over his big, muscular body gives Mick an instant erection. But he can't help but be honest, too. "I don't know anything about giving a massage. I've never done that before."

"No problem," his neighbor responds with a big smile. "I'll teach you everything you need to know."

It's only on his first day at this new gig that Mick learns he'll be giving Billy a naked massage every day. And he also quickly learns that a naked massage involves a lot more than rubbing another lad's muscles.

If Billy looks familiar to you, he's been featured on this blog three times before (click here, here, and here). Note that all the download photosets are still available.

The watermarked originals for the photos posted today are much larger than they appear below and total two hundred fifty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, please click here.

25 October 2017

An Extraordinary Day

Future historians may look at yesterday, October 24, 2017, as the beginning of the end of Donald Trump's treacherous grip on the presidency.

Yesterday, Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona gave a stunning, emotional speech on the floor of the Senate harshly denouncing Trump's dishonesty, thuggery, and anti-Americanism (details here).

"Reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as 'telling it like it is,'" Flake said. "When it is actually just reckless, outrageous and undignified. And when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else: It is dangerous to a democracy. Such behavior does not project strength — because our strength comes from our values. It instead projects a corruption of the spirit and weakness."

Flake received a standing ovation from a number of other prominent Republican senators in attendance, including John McCain, Bob Corker, Ben Sasse, John Barrasso, and more.

Also yesterday, Republican Senator Corker gave a scorching interview where he repeatedly lambasted Trump to his rotten core (details here).

"I think that he's proven himself unable to rise to the occasion," Corker said. "I don't think that that's possible. He's obviously not going to rise to the occasion as President."

Corker also condemned Trump on numerous other points, and these are only a few highlights:

--"The President has great difficulty with the truth. On many issues."

--"I don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard, and debases our country in a way that he does, but he does."

--"I think world leaders are very aware that much of what he says is untrue."

This astounding frankness from senators condemning a President from their own party was not a small historical moment.

I was reminded of when extraordinary bluntness was used against the tyrannically corrupt Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s during a Senate hearing (details here) when Joseph Welch, a lawyer for the U.S. Army, commented "Until this moment, Senator, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.... You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Many historians believe that was the beginning of the end for McCarthy, who died not long after in alcoholic ignominy.

Talk to Me

The two performers here look at the camera repeatedly and occasionally talk to the viewer. I think this makes the scene hotter than an ordinary fuck flick. In film, this is called "breaking the fourth wall," because it shatters the conceit that we're supposed to pretend the actors don't know we're watching. The first top in the scene is Parker London, who then is fucked by Brenden Cage.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, please click here.

24 October 2017

How Crazy Is Too Crazy?

Lawfare published an excellent primer yesterday (link here) on the applicability and background of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which details how a President may be replaced for incapacity, both physical and mental, separate from impeachment. The item is titled "How ‘Unraveled’ Does Trump Have to Be? Presidential Disability and the 25th Amendment."

"The final version of the 25th Amendment provides that when the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet determine that the President is unable to perform his duties, the Vice President becomes the acting President," the article details. That determination is thus reviewed by Congress.

A beleaguered President may attempt to rebut this assertion, but Congress has the final say, and that say must be in the form of a two-thirds vote to remove from office.

This is also an interesting detail: "there’s no particular threshold that needs to be reached before the relevant body -- in this case the Cabinet -- starts thinking about" evoking the 25th Amendment.

When a President's sanity is in question, the process is both political and scientific. Trump clearly appears to be mentally ill, but how ill must he be before the American people put enough pressure on the Cabinet and Congress to act?

Hopefully we'll never reach that point where the President has tumbled into madness. Better to remove Trump first by impeachment.

Nevertheless, he is arguably the most dangerous President in American history due to his serious mental instability, not to mention his complete corruption. Things cannot continue as they are now for too long.

The most amusing -- or perhaps not -- aspect of this discussion is that Trump reportedly had no idea, until the subject was raised, what the 25th Amendment was. "What’s that?" when the amendment was discussed.

Big Buddy Flip Fuck

Zane is the bigger of the two lads here and stands 6'4. I love his powerful arms and shoulders plus the fact that he's happily versatile. He's the bloke who took an eight-year hiatus from porn but recently returned and has appeared here on the blog several times before, where all the download sets are still available.

The originals for these photos today are much larger than they appear below and are part of a large set with more than one hundred twenty images of Zane in hardcore action from two shoots, the one sampled here and another with a different bloke swapping blowjobs. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you'll need to click here.

23 October 2017

A Mighty Profitable Lie

Last Monday was the deadline to file your 2016 federal tax return if you applied for an automatic extension in April. And once again, Donald Trump did not release any tax returns (details here).

On numerous occasions in the past, Trump made various promises about releasing his tax returns. And then he never did. He covered that omission with more lies. His spokespeople spun lies of their own.

Now, Trump and the Republicans are proposing a potentially substantial rewrite of the federal tax code. Based on the handful of pages of Trump's past tax returns that were leaked to the media, the President would benefit substantially from the proposals in the GOP tax plan, saving tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

It is absolutely imperative that he release all tax returns so the American people will see how he would benefit and compare with how they would benefit, if at all -- as many as one in three middle class taxpayers would pay more taxes.

Unfortunately, the media has stopped asking about Trump's tax returns. His blizzard of lies was a success.

This is an absolute disgrace. It's undemocratic and un-American. And no one should take this sitting down.

Big Ryan

The beefy, muscular top wearing glasses in some of the shots below now goes by Ryan in porn. He was featured here on the blog in June, where the download set is still available. He's also been appearing recently in straight porn lately as a dom in hardcore BDSM scenes, so he obviously quite versatile and kinky.

The originals for the photos posted today are massive and total sixty in number from three shoots, all featuring Ryan topping other blokes. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.