10 October 2017

Stop Shrugging

Ruth Marcus at The Washington Post wrote an excellent column last week (link here) with the title "We can’t just shrug Trump off." She understands how nearly everyone has Donald Trump fatigue -- they're tired of the outrageous behavior, the gross incompetence, the staggering corruption -- but we must not ignore what he's doing to America each and every day.

"This situation is not normal," she writes. "This behavior is not okay. We — we in the media, and we Americans — need to keep reminding ourselves of this, day after day, tweet after tweet. We need to call out every false statement. We need to remember, after every failure of empathy and every narcissistic demand for praise, after every impulsive, bellicose taunt and every challenge to constitutional norms, that this is not the way a President acts."

Many times, it's impossible to figure out whether Trump is acting out simply because he emotionally crippled and craves attention, no matter how contemptuous that might be. Or he might be acting to deflect attention away from his failures and corruption. Or maybe it's both.

Marcus's piece is a brief but concise argument of why we must remain vigilant. Read and share.

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