01 October 2017

Very, Very Soon

Many times, Donald Trump will make a promise and underscore that with a remark about how it will happen "soon" or "very soon" or even "very, very soon."

And then far more times than not, it will never happen at all.

It's a time-release lie.

The New York Times last week documented how often Trump qualifies a promise with a "soon" or "very soon" or similar kicker (link here). The answer is that 75 percent of the time, something he promised to happen soon, very soon, or some variation of soon never happened.

Yet more proof Trump promises stuff off the top of his head knowing he has no intention of ever following through. This type of behavior is common in habitual liars.

Why don't more people who matter in Washington call him out on his lies? Why don't some of the anti-Trump Republicans do this to his face? Democratic leaders? Members of the press?

Part of the reason Trump continues to lie may rest in the fact that no one calls "bullshit" when he does this. So it makes lying all the easier.

Whatever the answer, the American people are left holding the bag filled with empty promises.

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