02 October 2017

The Art Professor

The top here is Dean Monroe, who has been doing porn for seventeen years, having briefly retired for a year somewhere in that timelines. He's now 45, stands 5'11, weighs 165 pounds, and is originally from Great Britain.

In this series posted today, he looks to be some kind of art professor who pursues a student after hours and then fucks him all over the art building. Or maybe the student hid in the building and is the predator and not the prey.

Dean has a blog (link here) where he made entries for seven years about his life in porn and included a lot of pictures, many of which are hardcore suck and fuck shots. He has not made a post in nearly four years, however, although the older material is still online.

The photos posted today are part of a large group with more than one hundred images from four different shoots with Dean -- one a solo set, two sets where Dean tops, and one set where he bottoms. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you'll need to click here.

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