12 October 2017

Further Proof

Two developments in the news this week further underline the fact that Donald Trump's promise to be pro-LGBT and much more so than Hillary Clinton was a bold-faced lie.

Last year, President Obama designated the National Stonewall Monument to commemorate the famous uprising in New York City and the LGBT community that fought for equality. The announcement included a special video statement by the President as well as a ceremony in New York attended by senior White House officials.

Now that it's completed, the monument dedication was yesterday, but the Trump administration did everything possible to disassociate support. As detailed in Gay City News (link here), the Department of the Interior wasted time and money researching where exactly the rainbow flag would appear at the event, concerned it would be on federal property.

At least one official in the Trump administration was scheduled to attend the dedication ceremony, but then abruptly cancelled. Additionally, the National Park Service dropped its sponsorship of the event.

Also this week, the White House announced Trump would be the keynote speaker for an anti-LGBT conference sponsored by the rabidly homophobic Family Research Council (details here). This is not the first time he has appeared before one of their big events, but it is the first time as President.

This is nothing other than shameless pandering to evangelical conservatives, the only voter block still supporting Trump. He goes out of his way now to cater to their every whim, unconcerned about all the LGBT Americans who were on the receiving end of his lies.


  1. OMG!
    Another HUGE difference between USA and Canada.

    May I tell you that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, attended All gay prides in Canada. Also, as it's our 150th Confederation anniversary, our gay prides were named as «national» ones.

    In Ottawa, our capital, Justin Trudeau did himself rise the gay rainbow flag on capital hill just in front of our parlement. More, in gay pride parades generals and officiers of our army came to parade and say that LGBT people were more than welcome to serve our country in our armed forces.

    This is how we live as real FREE citizens in Canada.

    The other difference is that here, religion isn't part of the politic decisions or isn't important for our civil rights.

    Last month, a man from Sik religion was elected chief of our national NDP party. This man wasn't judge by his religion believes but for his human and political values.
    He showed to be open to ALL Canadians and even speaks French which is very important to be a real national leader.

  2. Anonymous04:34

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