23 October 2017

A Mighty Profitable Lie

Last Monday was the deadline to file your 2016 federal tax return if you applied for an automatic extension in April. And once again, Donald Trump did not release any tax returns (details here).

On numerous occasions in the past, Trump made various promises about releasing his tax returns. And then he never did. He covered that omission with more lies. His spokespeople spun lies of their own.

Now, Trump and the Republicans are proposing a potentially substantial rewrite of the federal tax code. Based on the handful of pages of Trump's past tax returns that were leaked to the media, the President would benefit substantially from the proposals in the GOP tax plan, saving tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

It is absolutely imperative that he release all tax returns so the American people will see how he would benefit and compare with how they would benefit, if at all -- as many as one in three middle class taxpayers would pay more taxes.

Unfortunately, the media has stopped asking about Trump's tax returns. His blizzard of lies was a success.

This is an absolute disgrace. It's undemocratic and un-American. And no one should take this sitting down.

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