11 October 2017


The prestigious nonpartisan Brookings Institution, the leading policy research and education group in Washington, issued a detailed report yesterday (link here) that found it likely Donald Trump obstructed justice in firing former FBI director James Comey.

While the report recognizes that Trump had legal grounds to fire an FBI director for good cause, in this situation, the President likely lacked such grounds because his motives apparently were purely to hinder the ongoing Russia probe. For that reason, he would be guilty of obstruction of justice.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller likely will read this report and will ultimately be the one who decides whether Trump should face indictment (even if delayed until after he leaves office). If so, that could lead to a contitutional crisis. Congress should commence impeachment if that happens, but if they don't, then the political aftershocks will not be mild.

As was seen with Richard Nixon, the American people don't take unlawful behavior by a President lightly.

The report is not brief, but I urge you to read and share.


  1. Anonymous04:16

    Esperemos que pronto se conozca todo la verdad.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. You have to be fully blind not to see and understand that «45» is obstructing justice since the beginning.

    Getting to fire Comey was such a bad move and only this behavior showed that Trumpty Dumpty was insane and trying to hide his illegal actions.

    It's more than time that REAL JUSTICE prevail in USA.
    No one is above the law not even a «president» or a rich man.

    Since January 2017 (and even last year) Washington is a real «farce comedy» show and the worst is that is making world political balance at risk not to mention the USA's internal social stability with his way to bully Latinos and Black people.

    This man is a monster.


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