24 October 2017

How Crazy Is Too Crazy?

Lawfare published an excellent primer yesterday (link here) on the applicability and background of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which details how a President may be replaced for incapacity, both physical and mental, separate from impeachment. The item is titled "How ‘Unraveled’ Does Trump Have to Be? Presidential Disability and the 25th Amendment."

"The final version of the 25th Amendment provides that when the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet determine that the President is unable to perform his duties, the Vice President becomes the acting President," the article details. That determination is thus reviewed by Congress.

A beleaguered President may attempt to rebut this assertion, but Congress has the final say, and that say must be in the form of a two-thirds vote to remove from office.

This is also an interesting detail: "there’s no particular threshold that needs to be reached before the relevant body -- in this case the Cabinet -- starts thinking about" evoking the 25th Amendment.

When a President's sanity is in question, the process is both political and scientific. Trump clearly appears to be mentally ill, but how ill must he be before the American people put enough pressure on the Cabinet and Congress to act?

Hopefully we'll never reach that point where the President has tumbled into madness. Better to remove Trump first by impeachment.

Nevertheless, he is arguably the most dangerous President in American history due to his serious mental instability, not to mention his complete corruption. Things cannot continue as they are now for too long.

The most amusing -- or perhaps not -- aspect of this discussion is that Trump reportedly had no idea, until the subject was raised, what the 25th Amendment was. "What’s that?" when the amendment was discussed.

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  1. After listening to the Senator Flake and Corker, how can «sane» American still believe that «45» is presidential and that he can go on in office for the next 3 years.

    Are American such «dumps» to go blind on Trumpty Dumpty's mental health ?

    The rest of the whole world's leaders are turning their backs on USA because of that moron.

    USA's people will suffer for the lack of open mind of «45».
    As Obama said: «HE» is living in the 19th century state of mind but USA is in the 21st century.


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