31 December 2011

The Big Apple

This New York site promotes its videos as straight men in gay encounters, but I'm fairly certain I've seen this bloke starring in other man-on-man porn. He's a very hot lad nevertheless, which is why I'm featuring this video link I found on another site. If you want to watch on a larger screen, please click here.

30 December 2011


I wouldn't call this lad handsome. He has an interesting face but all the elements don't quite fit together. But who cares about his face? We're born with the faces we have and are pretty much powerless to change them, short of expensive plastic surgery.

He has a very nice body, however. He'd be even hotter if he limited his shaving to his face, but that's easily remedied with a few months of regrowth.

I've only seen him in a few still nudie shoots like these plus one solo video. If he's done any more porn scenes, I haven't been able to find him using the name I know he goes by -- Franco Cortez.

29 December 2011

Thatch Patch

Will 2012 be the year that full, natural, untrimmed male pubes come back into fashion? If so, I'm all ready.

I think I wrote before that the only time my pubic hair has ever been trimmed was when I had hernia surgery fifteen years ago. That was really the only thing that frightened me about the operation. The idea of some nurse going at me with a razor made my blood run cold. Fortunately they did it after I was under anesthesia.

28 December 2011

Rough Love

I saw this the first time without sound and thought the little pup was crying because he got fucked too hard. Then I saw it with sound and realized he was in ecstasy.

Neither are porn model hot but I found this nonetheless very erotic because they're not trying to make a buck here. I hope you like it, too. If you'd like to watch on a larger screen, click here.

27 December 2011

The Cyclist

I don't know if cycling with a woody is the best idea ever. What if you took a tumble and landed on your cock? That could be extremely painful. Maybe that's why Patrick Leoni's boner here is a little curved -- he's already fallen on it once before. Watching naked cyclists, nonetheless, is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

26 December 2011

Boxing Day Delivery

One of the many great aspects of life in Southern California is that there's never a shortage of hot Hispanic men. They are everywhere. On the whole, they're friendlier than Anglo men and more tactile, even if they are straight. And I know from at least my unscientific personal observations that they're overwhelmingly uncut.

Having grown up first in the UK and then in the American Midwest, I don't believe I ever saw a Hispanic person until I moved to California. Hispanic men were one of the first things I noticed soon after I arrived.

Alas, almost no one here in LotusLand celebrates Boxing Day. Most don't even have a clue what it is. That holds true for most of the US.

25 December 2011

Vintage Triple Feature

Here's the legendary Michael Christopher in three different scenes for your viewing pleasure. He worked from 1982 to 1993 and was known primarily for his gay roles, although he did appear with women in several heterosexual porn scenes.

Thanks to the indomitable Dirk for providing these links. If you'd like to watch larger screen versions, please click here, here, and here.

Happy holidays everyone!

24 December 2011

May and September

Arpad is old enough to be the other lad's dad. If I had to choose one as a door prize, I'd far rather have Arpad than his little buddy. Like fine cheese and vintage wine, men get better with age.

23 December 2011


I'm wondering if any of you know who the model might be and/or where this photo set originally appeared. If you know anything, please make note in the comments. I've seen several others from the same set and may have even featured them on this blog way back somewhere. Thanks.

22 December 2011


I was driving out of town last week so I was hunting around on the radio once I lost my Los Angeles signal. I momentarily had to take my hand off the radio knob to use the gearshift so I inadvertently listened to a short snippet of some radio evangalist ranting about hellfire and damnation.

He said something like "there are those who gladly seek to corrupt the morals of our young people." Hey that's me! I look at these pictures of hot young Chad here and I'm all ready to corrupt his morals but in a nice and memorable way. I guarantee he'll go home with a big smile and well drained testes.

21 December 2011

Vintage Muscle

This scene starts out with some frottage, which is highly underrated and not often seen in porn. While they eventually move on to other things, frottage can be a very hot way to bring your partner to orgasm and vice versa. I highly recommend it.

If you'd like to watch a larger screen version, please click here.

20 December 2011

The Assistant Manager

The assistant manager at one of my bank's branches has a forgettable face but a pretty fantastic body. He wears fitted dress shirts and snug dress pants, so there's no doubt he keeps in great shape. I saw him once on a Saturday in a polo shirt and tight jeans and he looked even better. If he stripped down naked, he might look something like Sammy here.

He's relentlessly straight and seems to think he's God's gift to women, as can be seen in his interaction with the female tellers. They humor him but when he's out of range I've seen some eye rolling, exchanged looks, and silently mouthed remarks. After four beers and with the benefit of some handcuffs, I could let the assistant manager know what it was like to be the recipient of unwanted sexual attention. I have a feeling he wouldn't like it but I'd sure have fun.

19 December 2011

Phallic Fantasies

With most porn easily available now on the Internet, the stroke mag has gone the way of telegrams and manual typewriters. Many of you old enough will likely remember them well.

They were a simple concept: a magazine filled with X-rated photos, usually outtakes from porn films, sold as fantasy material to enhance your masturbatory experience. They were mostly wall-to-wall photos and almost no text.

Stroke mags often had a simple theme around which the photos were organized: blowjobs, threeways, outdoor sex, leather sex, you name it. Seen here are photos from a stroke mag called Phallic Fantasies, which is packed with cock shots -- some closeups, some showing the bloke to whom the meat belongs.

When I was an unattached lad and couldn't get any action on a particular evening, I would retire to bed with a stroke mag, thumb through the photos for a few minutes, then turn out the lights and have at it with my right hand while my brain built the necessary fantasy. Once I shot my load, I then fell asleep. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this.

If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the entire magazine, please click here or here.