14 December 2011

Seducing the Professor

I don't recall any of the professors at my university were anywhere near this hot. If they were, I would have taken his class, no matter what it was. I'd suffer through Advanced Physics for a hot stud like this, particularly if extra one-on-one tutoring with the instructor was involved.


  1. Anonymous07:07

    This is one of the best and hottest sex scenes on the internet, he can fuck me any time , all the time. GREAT! ! !

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Be nice if the twink had a little more body hair, but the "professor" more than makes up for it! Great cum blast!

  3. Anonymous13:01

    Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy to get an A. The "prof" sure is HAWT!

  4. Anonymous13:15

    Although both guys are good looking, the older professor wins the trophy. This video is evidence that youth is not an absolute requirement in hotness.

    Great video. I didn't even mind waiting through the 6 minute set-up to the first cock sighting.

    Leo G.

  5. dave b18:06

    very nice blog lots of really hot eye candy
    thanks for all you hard work really enjoyed school for spies

  6. Anonymous19:34

    That was HOT..bring more like that soon.

  7. Somebody knows the professor's name?


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