07 December 2011

A Quick Bite

The lad with the hat has killer abs but an odd voice. I guess I'd keep his mouth stuffed full so he couldn't talk. The one in the wifebeater is in his mid-forties, proving once again that age is no impediment to looking hot if you keep in shape.

Now I know these scenes are almost certainly staged with all the prior arrangements made, but this one looks convincingly real. I guess they paid the women at the tables the day rate for extras to sit and chat while the two blokes went at it. Unemployment is high in Florida, where this was shot, so presumably they can find all the extras they need. Can the same be said for blokes willing to sock your cock for $200?

If you want to watch on a larger screen, click here.


  1. Anonymous15:17

    Check out the "cowardly lion" noises the guy in the white wife beater makes at 17:30.

    The video was fairly hot--it was also arranged, permitted, and maybe even rehearsed. Come on. It's a little more than a coincidence that the guys get caught right AFTER they squirt.

    Still, I enjoyed it.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous02:14

    a funny voice can be as much of a turn-off as a hot bod can be turn-on ... however, as far as I'm concerned, a hot bod doesn't help if the voice's terrible. If I had to choose, I'd much rather have a deep, manly, raspy, voice than a muscly body. Ideally, though, it'd be both ... But I guess that's asking too much ... (LOL).

  3. Anonymous09:25

    The guy with the great abs is Dylan ...... don't remember his last name at the moment i love watching him get fucked he seems to really enjoy it. I don't believe that those people didn't notice what was going on that's just crazy.

  4. Anonymous09:31

    Me again Dylan is the last name first name is Marc he seems to love being a bottom that's the role he plays each time i see him on film and is good at it too. Love your website keep it up.

  5. I can't believe I'm saying this but the guy in the hat? Holy Fuck! He's hot, voice and all. I'd love to fuck his ass.

  6. Anonymous09:48

    Marc is quite hot even with the southern Mike Tyson voice. Hope he doesn't become that porn actor who did a ton of movies because he said his Mom had cancer and then he dropped out of site.

  7. Anonymous04:54

    The guy in the blue shirt sure got his pants and shoes back on fast. It is as if he knew that his exit was quickly apporaching.

    Leo G.

  8. Anonymous02:18

    Voilà le type de site débile qu'on fait maintenant ! Comment croire 2 secondes que c'est pas truqué ? Comment imaginer que des mecs puissent baiser tranquillement dans un resto ou un supermarché sans qu'on les remarque et sans qu'une cliente offusquée n'aille chercher les flics ?? D'autant que les mecs sont tous connus par d'autres sites pornos.


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