08 December 2011


He's a very hot looking lad with a nice body and a sexy face. So why oh why does he feel compelled to shave that magnificent body? Not only has he razored his chest, it also looks like he depilated his legs, too. The good thing about Rob is that all of that could grow back in a few months and he'd be close to perfect.


  1. Anonymous17:34

    i get the torso. in fact i once tried the shaved chest look. after you've worked ur ass off to build a good torso you want to show it off and let's face it...no matter how much better the hair looks, a shaved torso does showcase your pecs. but i'm with you...the kid is very handsome. my married pals say they're more likely to get head if their wives/lovers don't have to deal w/ pubic hair in their mouths. but hair is a man's crowning glory from the tip of his head to this toes. why would you want to emasculate yourself with the plucked chicken look?! this is one fad that i hope goes out of fashion as soon as possible.

  2. Anonymous22:09

    Im with rugbysex, no great fan of shaving. Still, in this case it does allow for a nice, clear look at those delicious tits. Just sayin'...


  3. Anonymous13:02

    Agreed; a little bit of trimming can go too far, as in Rob's case here. His arms are hairless, too, at least in these images!

  4. Anonymous04:44

    To me, a guy is always hotter when he's wearing religious jewelry (2nd pic). It's like they know better, but they don't care.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous16:26

    He'd be a god if he let the hair grow in. Think he's got a full chest of hair or just a trail between the pecs?

  6. Anonymous18:14

    Personally I think this guy is as HOT AS HELL,
    have you seen his videos! That "DICK DANCE" is sooooo sexy!

  7. Anonymous01:56

    Tout à fait d'accord. Au naturel, ce mec serait bien plus excitant. Je suis comme vous, je ne comprends pas ce qui peut pousser les mecs à se raser comme ça ou encore à se tatouer (mon autre obsession).


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